Personhood Ohio, the group attempting to place an amendment on the ballot that would define any fertilized egg as a person in Ohio’s Constitution,  are getting some help from Personhood USA.

According to a Facebook posting by one of the group’s leaders, Dr. Patrick Johnston, the following message will be delivered to the phones of “55,000 pro-life Ohioans” this Friday.

This is Dr. Patrick Johnston, a family physician and the director of Personhood Ohio, and I’d love to put $5,000 cash in your hands for helping us protecting every baby under Ohio law! The failure of the Heartbeat Bill has shown us that the Ohio legislature will not do its duty and protect preborn Ohioans from death by abortion. Well, we can bypass the corrupt legislature and take it straight to the people by ballot initiative. Will you pray with us that every one of these babies will be protected? If you would like to help us save these children – and win $5,000 – please press 1 now to be directed to a Personhood Ohio volunteer, or visit Personhood Ohio – dot – com. Thank you so much and God bless you this New Year!

In addition to being an “uninsured Zanesville family practitioner, Christian radio host, an active anti-LGBT and Operation Save America activist” and father of eight, Johnston also finds time to run a website where he rails against “sodomite activists”, public schools and public employees and discusses how we can keep Obama from taking away our guns (answer: churches should “arm themselves”).

He also writes fantasy fiction novels in which armed, anti-abortion activists lead a revolution against the federal government.


“If a state bans abortion in submission to God’s law and in defiance of tyranny, and the feds intervene with force, would not this be a conflict that God would bless?”  Johnston, the pro-life activist, asks without the least bit of irony.

And this guy wants the keys to the Ohio Constitution?

What could possibly go wrong?