The Dispatch reported (read: buried) two interesting facts today that should have all Ohioans extremely worried:

  1. JobsOhio is operating completely on private donations
  2. JobsOhio is paying for Kasich’s trip to Switzerland later this month – along with any family, friends or staff he feels like taking along

Here the problem: because JobsOhio is not subject to public record requests, we have no idea who is donating the money to pay for this trip or to pay for the rest of JobsOhio’s operating expenses.

Could the money be coming from American Greetings, the company that received over $90 million in incentives from the Kasich administration?  Or from another company competing for state incentives?   Or maybe from a big Kasich campaign donor trying to circumvent campaign finance laws?  Maybe a large lobbying firm?

We don’t know.  And we won’t know because JobsOhio is a big, opaque, public-records black hole – just like Kasich intended.

The loophole to allow the Governor or any of his designees to circumvent existing ethics restrictions on free travel was written into state law when the JobsOhio bill was passed.   And while the amount of the expenses will need to be disclosed in JobsOhio’s yearly report next year, there is no requirement to ever release information on the private donors.

Late last year JobsOhio started running ads around Ohio discussing John Kasich’s economic “successes”.  These campaign-like ads also appear to have been funded with secret private donations.

Kasich claimed records at JobsOhio needed to be hidden from public view in order to protect “trade secrets” but we find it amazingly difficult to understand what trade secrets might be divulged by identifying the people or groups paying for the Governor’s television ads and his foreign travel.

In 2005, Governor Taft pleaded no contest to criminal charges over illegally accepting and failing to report gifts, including golf outings and meals, from lobbyists and business owners.  It seems Governor Kasich may have worked out a way to get the same perks from similar folks without any of those silly ethics restrictions getting in the way.


  • clr1390

    You can bet the Chamber of Commerce has their hand in the till. Kasich is a crook, and you can bet we would be shocked where the money is from…

  • How it it legal to take public funds, put them in a private entity for the purpose of giving them away to basically whoever?

  • dmoore2222

    This chump will do anything to try to put himself above the rest of us even if it means contriving what will ultimately turn out to be his undoing, namely, JobsOhio. Most scandals are revealed from inside sources as more and more people get entangled in ever more complex and dubious dealings. Stay tuned.

  • Just one more nail for his coffin. Ready to vote him out!

  • Ummm…weren’t liberals afraid JobsOhio would be using PUBLIC taxpayer funding? Or did I mis-read something a while back in DDN?

  • Umm…I’m not a liberal jackass, I just knew Kasich was a FUX news sellout from day one

  • It’s two discussions, but both come back to the same problem: there is no transparency at JobsOhio.

    With regard to private money, what’s to stop Kasich’s lobbying pals from giving, or having their clients giving, cash to JobsOhio to help pay for Kasich’s trips?

    What’s to stop Kasich from directing his big political donors from giving to JobsOhio to help pay for pro-Kasich ads?

    Is Kasich using JobsOhio to circumvent campaign finance or ethics laws?

    We don’t know, because we don’t know who is giving money to JobsOhio.

  • Isn’t Ohio doing better than much of the rest of the country … especially states with Democrat governors?

  • Cthulhu0818


  • k55f
  • More n more we see them passing laws to make what was illegal/legal..and they continue to create laws against the hard working people in Ohio and make themselves exempt, while spending hours and tax payers money manipulating laws and reapn profits for corp buddies..I syill have a question..WHERE ARE THE JOBS KASICH? HAVE WQE ALL FORGOTTEN?

  • SO, Kaslich created this so called Jobs Ohio to create jobs, which we are still waitn on. H gives this business monies…now is taking a trip to Switzerland on private donations from this group that he gave tax payer money too? So is it a private donation fundn the trip or the money he gave them n sayn its private and not? Since private funds are not investigatable,,, Please…if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and …ItS A DUCK!

  • oh we have a good idea….doesnt take a rocket scientist to solve this 1

  • sadly, kasich is doing ok in polls

  • Polls just like research can show what ever they are employed to show and who you poll.

  • Retrofuturistic

    If he didn’t have something to hide, then he would be more transparent….

  • all it shows that some in elected office would sell thier families into slavery, sell out fellow countrymen if it meant they recieved preferential treatment if we were occupied by a foriegn power, or sell thier souls to the devil if it meant they would get status and money out of it. one of the things when people fail to understand when they make deals with the devil they wont get out of it cheap.

  • You can’t trust Republicans!

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