From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For the publishing industry in 2012, there was good news, bad news and no news.

The upside for newsroom staffs is that all of Ohio’s metropolitan dailies survived the steady dive of print journalism; the bad news is that the Plain Dealer could be heading to weight-watchers in 2013 to reduce home delivery to three days a week; the no news is that Newsweek is officially out of business and its one-time mighty competitor, Time, is struggling to steady its wobbly balance sheets. Media analyst David Carr wrote in the New York Times: “Time, Inc., an industry leader in print […]

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Personhood Ohio, the group attempting to place an amendment on the ballot that would define any fertilized egg as a person in Ohio’s Constitution,  are getting some help from Personhood USA.

According to a Facebook posting by one of the group’s leaders, Dr. Patrick Johnston, the following message will be delivered to the phones of “55,000 pro-life Ohioans” this Friday.

This is Dr. Patrick Johnston, a family physician and the director of Personhood Ohio, and I’d love to put $5,000 cash in your hands for helping us protecting every baby under Ohio law! The failure of the Heartbeat Bill has shown […]

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In March of 2011 Governor Kasich made a play to gain control of Ohio’s Board of Education, using his influence to remove fellow Republican board president Robin Hovis, replacing him with Tea Party activist and private charter school advocate Debe Terhar.

Kasich and Terhar then teamed up to oust State Superintendent of Education Deborah Delisle.   In her resignation letter Delisle wrote:

During a meeting on Friday, March 11, 2011, with two of Governor Kasich’s staff, it was made known to me that my tenure as the State Superintendent was coming to an end. Specifically, I was informed that if […]

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The Dispatch reported (read: buried) two interesting facts today that should have all Ohioans extremely worried:

JobsOhio is operating completely on private donations JobsOhio is paying for Kasich’s trip to Switzerland later this month – along with any family, friends or staff he feels like taking along

Here the problem: because JobsOhio is not subject to public record requests, we have no idea who is donating the money to pay for this trip or to pay for the rest of JobsOhio’s operating expenses.

Could the money be coming from American Greetings, the company that received over $90 million […]

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