During a speech announcing his plans to use the Ohio Turnpike to help fund ODOT, the Governor claimed he was stunned to find out no one had done something similar in the past 25 years.

Funny story: Strickland proposed a plan to use turnpike revenue to help fund roads four years ago.

As part of his 2008 jobs bill, Governor Strickland worked on a plan, with legislative leaders from both parties, to shift some Turnpike Revenue to ODOT to help fund road construction projects.   The plan did not require the Turnpike to take on debt to fund ODOT.  It did not rely on increased tolls.   And it required all of the money to be spent in counties surrounding the turnpike.

Kasich’s plan, on the other hand, increases tolls, requires the Turnpike to take on $1.5 BILLION dollars in new debt and will allow that money to be spent on construction projects around the state.

The other major difference:  Strickland’s plan was free while Kasich spent $3.4 million dollars on consultants, including nearly $200K on marketing and PR, to come up with his plan.

This isn’t the first time Kasich has spent a ton of cash on consultants to ultimately end up implementing something Strickland had recently proposed.

Back in June Kasich paid his friends at Moelis $15 MILLION dollars to come up with the idea of implementing video lottery terminals (VLTs aka slot machines) at Ohio’s race tracks – an idea Strickland had proposed a few years earlier with a much better return for the state.   According to our calculations, Kasich’s gambling plans actually cost the state $600 million in lost revenue compared to Strickland’s plan.

In short:  Kasich paid $18.4 million to consultants to come up with crappier versions of Strickland’s plans.