Kasich has been working hard to revive his image after the huge loss of his anti-union SB5 bill.  You won’t hear Kasich throw his support behind any Right-To-Work proposals and, more than likely, you’ll find his people actively working behind the scenes to keep it off the ballot until after 2014 so he doesn’t have to take a public position.

But this doesn’t mean Kasich has changed his tune on the rights of Ohio’s workers. Instead, he and the rest of Ohio’s Republicans have turn to taking smaller, more winnable shots at their rights.

One such example is HB380, which forces workers exposed to asbestos, many of whom are seriously ill and dying, to jump through many difficult and unnecessary hoops in order to sue the company that exposed them to this deadly substance.

Kasich signed the bill today.

We rarely print entire press releases on Plunderbund, but this one from Senator Skindell on the asbestos bill is certainly deserving of an exception.

Senator Skindell Speaks Out Against Asbestos Bill
Calls HB 380 “extremist corporate legislation”
Columbus – Senator Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) today voted against substitute House Bill 380 because the legislation that will make it much harder for Ohio workers who suffer from asbestos related diseases to successfully sue for compensation.  
“This legislation is another example of the 129th General Assembly’s war on Ohio workers,” said Senator Skindell.  “The bill is creating additional procedural and evidentiary hurdles, roadblocks, rules and other requirements that will make it impossible for a dying asbestos plaintiff to get a fair trial on their case.”
This unprecedented legislation dictates how a lawsuit is to be handled, step-by-step from filing of the lawsuit through jury verdict.   For instance, Substitute House Bill 380 permits a corporate defendant to force a dying asbestos worker to file a claim against an asbestos trust, even in situations where there may be no evidence that the worker was exposed to the product of the trust.  
“This bill is no more than an extreme legislative effort to tilt the scales of justice in the courtroom strongly in favor of the corporate defendant,” said Senator Skindell.
Senator Skindell says Substitute House Bill 380 is a product of the corporate influenced American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which has helped the asbestos industry protect profits and deny injured workers from pursuing claims.
“The scales of justice are not out of balance in Ohio,” added Senator Skindell.  “There is no need for this extremist corporate legislation.”


  • Just another example of a “model bill” written by the corporate-backed American Legislative Exchange Council and handed over for passage by ALEC members in the Republican majority of our legislature… HB380 was sponsored by ALEC member Louis Blessing and signed by ALEC alumnus John Kasich. Smart ALEC!


    Well, what did we expect?????

    You get what you vote for.

  • dmoore2222

    So true. And what you didn’t vote for I might add. We’re paying for the lazy democrats who didn’t vote in 2010.

  • dmoore2222

    I guess this is the “business friendly” Ohio Johnny Boy has been blathering about.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Kasich, one of the founding members of ALEC, continues to let ALEC hand him bills and say, “Here, pass this.” And he and his Tea Party collaborators, who also represent ALEC instead of us, proceed to do what they’re told.

  • You’re wrong about Kasich and any possible Right-to-work issue. He’s hoping it WILL appear on the ballot next year- why? Simple, he will come out AGAINST it hoping he can recoup the 25% of Repubs who supported the repeal. He’ll be seen as “moderate” and have a better chance for re-election. Mark my words- this guy is slick…Jim, Columbus

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