Buried in the Vindicator a few weeks back was this gem of a letter, titled “Misfits and deviants who voted for Obama will rue the day”, from a reader in Pennsylvania.

If you paid me I don’t think I could have come up with a more offensive rant about women, African Americans, Hispanics or LGBT individuals. Sadly, the author didn’t come up with this crap on his own.

It’s all commonly heard on America’s proud, freedom-loving, conservative radio and television programs and the author, Joseph K. Waltenbaugh of New Castle, Pa., simply summarized what he’s been hearing for months down into six primary categories for supporters of President Obama:

Today’s Democratic Party, the one that re-elected Obama, is comprised primarily of the following misfits and deviants:

1) bloodthirsty, predatory women who want the right to slaughter their preborn children at will;

2) Single women who want unbridled sex and government provided birth control;

3) homosexuals who want preferential treatment and acceptance of their immoral lifestyle;

4) dependent minorities who want their welfare checks, food stamps, Obama phones, etc.;

5) simple-minded union pawns who haven’t a clue and even less drive and ambition; and

6) atheists and secularists who want God removed from all aspects of government and society.

Strangely, I don’t seem to be a solid member of any of those categories and yet, I voted for Barack Obama.

The Right uses this type of rhetoric to rile up their base during election years even though, I assume, most of those doing the riling realize the absurdity of these claims.

Unfortunately, after the election is over, people like Joseph K. Waltenbaugh of New Castle, Pa. continue on believing the lies, making it difficult for any Republican to compromise on anything with a Democrat without being labeled a RINO or a baby killer or a traitor to the cause of liberty.

You want to know why we’re having such a hard time getting a deal on the fiscal cliff?

Because every Republican in the House and Senate is scared shitless of the Mr. Waltenbaughs of the world, living in constant fear that they will find themselves accused of giving out Obama phones, helping homosexuals or allowing bloodthirsty women to slaughter their fetuses simply for working with the President to secure a deal that is good for the country.

And you know what? It’s their own damn fault.

When Republicans use fear and scare tactics to motivate their base, they are setting themselves up for failure once the real work of leading the country actually starts.

How can you tell your supporters: vote for me because the other guys kill babies and then expect the same supporters to stay silent while you work on a compromise deal with the people you just finished calling merchants of preborn baby death?

Republicans put themselves in this position and they need to get out of it the same way – preferably as quickly as possible. The country is waiting for John Boehner to pick up the phone and tell Joe Waltenbaugh to STFU so we can finally move on to accomplishing what’s good, and right and necessary for our nation.

  • “Stirring up a hornets’ nest” is a tactic often used by the GOP to win the support of their base of voters. Republican leaders rant about abortion, religion, immigration, voter fraud, gun rights, you name it, because they know that emotional issues will attract people with strong beliefs. Frank Luntz, Republican Party strategist, said, “We know emotion has changed history; we know it has changed behavior; we know that it can start a war or stop it. We know that words and emotion together are the most powerful force known to mankind.”
    Today’s GOP uses that combination of words and emotion, rather than ethical thought and logic, to convince people to support its issues and candidates. The problem is that empty rhetoric really does nothing to help get our country back on track. All it does is get those hornets stirred up.

  • dmoore2222

    Extremely well said. Include our own governor in this with his cop trashing language in front of an auditorium full of state employees. This was not an off-the-cuff comment. It was a planned verbal assault that came to define John Kasich. He can’t get anywhere near 50% approval no matter what he does, and I think it’s directly related to this inexcusable attack. I hope, but I’m not confident, they’ll learn that Ohioans (including many good republican citizens) are totally fed up with this stuff.

  • dmoore2222

    Another favorite republican trick is to take a contradictory stance on something they’ve stood for for all along and think if they say it enough then people will believe them (a la Romney). Well, people didn’t believe them and know when they’re being lied to. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in but I believe republicans reached the tipping point in this election cycle where voters looked not only at their nasty, over-the-top rhetoric but also the blatant contradictions and hypocrisy. The face of the republican party is now Michelle Bachman, Todd Aiken, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and a whole list of other looney tunes. And your’re right. They did it to themselves and derserve whatever misfortume they get.

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