Among the various contributors on Plunderbund, we don’t always agree on every issue.  A significant and timely issue that we have diverse opinions on is gun control.  Occasionally we will engage in heated, but respectful debates on the issue, and I admit that it is nice to have a forum in which we can do so.

Whatever.  It doesn’t really matter anymore because this anti-gun post is completely irrelevant in America today.

I can write all I want about our need to eliminate the tools of execution used in the massacre of twenty small children caught innocently in the safe haven of their classroom at school, but Americans don’t care.  Nothing will change tomorrow because of the actions of the mass murderer with a gun or because of the words I’m typing.

The word “Columbine” is synonymous with school shootings in America, but that event happened over 13 years ago and, while fresh in our minds and oft-referenced after each successive school shooting or public massacre with firearms, Americans still sit idly by waiting for CNN to bring the latest breaking news about another killing in a public school that “must not be safe enough” to prevent such horrific actions.  Instead of focusing on the weapons of death that serve as a common thread among these killings, newscasters and other experts continue to comment on safety in our schools and the measures that our schools need to enact to keep our children safe.  This is as acceptable as telling an assault victim that if she would have been wearing slacks instead of a skirt, this never would have happened.

But it doesn’t matter what I say here because Americans believe that my rights (Second Amendment, dammit!) to own a gun are more important than the lives of defenseless children.  People need to be more responsible with their guns, right?  It’s always someone else’s problem in some other town … until it’s my town, my school, my child.

It doesn’t matter what I say here because in some unsuspecting town across America, on some sad day in the near future if history is our guide, children will once again be shot and killed by a legally purchased and registered gun.  That’s simply the price of retaining our second amendment rights, and if the rest of America is okay with it, then I should be too.

So can we please stop pretending to be so upset and surprised when it happens next time? (Probably within six months.)  Why should the news channels break in with 24/7 coverage, and why should the President travel to the small town to console the parents?  Isn’t this the America we’ve ordered?  Aren’t the deaths of a few innocent children on American soil the price we must pay to preserve the founding document that guides our every action as Americans and is ultimately inflexible, unyielding, and unable to be amended? [sarcasm fully intended]

This anti-gun post doesn’t matter because instead of reducing the manufacture and access to guns, the response of in America is to make more, sell more, and hide more guns.  Instead of eliminating these tools invented to kill more efficiently and effectively and later described as a “tool of peace” (by threatening to kill you if you don’t cooperate – conversation be damned), Americans, including here in Ohio, have sought to expand the list of places that we can stealthily take our guns by expanding concealed-carry laws to even more public places.

And this post doesn’t matter because when I ask a friend to explain to me why they need their guns, the conversation immediately goes awry and I become a liberal anti-gun anti-American as apparently such a question is tantamount to treason and I should be taken out and shot.

And this post doesn’t matter because if America doesn’t care that our children are gunned down as they are going through their morning routine, likely finishing up changes to the calendar and the daily weather report, then why should I?

If we are unwilling to understand that our selfish wants and desires are resulting in the senseless killing of other innocent Americans in classrooms, shopping malls, sidewalks, movie theaters, college campuses, and even one-room Amish schoolhouses, then I  give up — my one opinion won’t change anyone’s mind…

…and this post simply doesn’t matter.