Kasich is scheduled to make stops in Toledo, Cleveland and Youngstown tomorrow to announce his plans for the turnpike.  He will be speaking at Modern Building Supply in Toledo, the Western Reserve Fire Museum and Education Center in Cleveland and Cerni Motors in Youngstown at 10:15AM, 12:45PM and 3:45PM respectively.

According to Laura Bischoff from the Dayton Daily News, Governor Kasich will be using the state plane for his trip.  Bischoff reported last year that Kasich spent $2,199.50 on a single trip from Columbus to Cleveland.  A three-city tour could easily exceed $5,000 if he flies to all the events.   But hey, that’s nothing compared to the $3.4 million of your money Kasich already blew on consultants and marketing for his turnpike study.

The announcement from Kasich’s office says his appearance will also include “state officials; local officials and local business leaders” and records indicate this likely will include “Independent” Toledo Mayor Michael Bell.

As we reported earlier today, Kasich’s private communications team has spent months identifying “champions” who will support Kasich’s plan and documents obtained by Plunderbund show that the “Governor has had excellent conversations with Mayor Bell” .

So which other “special guests” will appear with Kasich in Cleveland and Youngstown tomorrow?  Selling out local residents, supporting higher tolls and lower maintenance on the turnpike and losing all self respect in exchange for a new bridge or overpass to help bolster their own reelection campaigns?

We’ll find out in less than 12 hours.


  • John W.

    A public plane for a 2 hour car trip!? And he complains that teachers make too much money!?

  • Yep that is King Kasick

  • westparkguy

    I guess KaSuck has never heard of video conferencing.

  • Spitfiremk1

    It stands to reason that Kasich would not want to take his
    bus for the trip from Toledo to Cleveland and Youngstown – imagine what could happen if it ran into a ditch and he had to wait for turnpike maintenance to come and pull him out, or if his ez pass failed as he went through a toll plaza and he had to have a collector “punch” the number into the computer (and no jokes about how she might want to punch something else, please!). That could be an awkward photo op for the 6:00 pm news!

    Of course China Bell would be one of his guests, his reelection slogan is: “What’s in it for ME?” He’s ready to sell anything as long as he can make another trip to Asia.

    Funny that Kasich’s crew doesn’t seem to be interested in talking to any of the turnpike folks who’s jobs he wants to terminate. It seems to me that they would be “stake holders” too!

    Of course, I could be wrong.

  • he did the same thing after the repubs rammed through sb5 and used the plane to promote his idea which ultimately failed. which im sure the repubs if it was a democratic gov would have been screaming that it was a wrongful misapproiation of state property. but alas the repubs in the statehouse are giving him a free pass on everything he does.

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