Despite our occasional criticism of Ohio’s mainstream media, we secretly love it when they pick up the news we break, or at least make an honest attempt to follow up on our original stories.

Today we saw a good example.

During this morning’s press gaggle, WBNS investigative reporter Paul Aker approached John Kasich with a question about the PR firm that he’s hired to promote his turnpike plan.

Was this “a good use of tax dollars and why?” asks Aker. An excellent question, in my opinion, in part because the facts in the question, specifically the cost numbers, came directly from a story we broke yesterday.

On hearing Aker’s question, Kasich stumbled for a second or two until one of his deputy press secretaries, Connie Wehrkamp, stepped in to take over. (complete aside: I seriously think Kasich’s people block his access to so it won’t make him angry – otherwise he would have known to expect this question).

Wehrcamp does a pretty good job of completely not answering the question, all while making it clear that the Governor will NOT be discussing this topic any further.

Gee, I wonder why.

Marc Kovac captured the whole exchange in his video shown below:

Is it just me, or does it sound like Kasich already leaked his plans to Vardon?