Last week we jokingly pointed out a potential mistake in a New York Review of Books article about Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.  The article seemed to imply Husted would be challenging Kasich in a primary for Governor.  While it’s hard to argue that Husted does, as the author points out, have “ambitions to run for governor in 2014”, our satirical piece about a primary challenge was never intended to be taken seriously.

Still, a number of our readers commented on the potential challenge.  And it seems members of the press also came along for the ride.

Today Husted was forced to respond.  According to an AP story titled “Husted Rebuffs Idea of Challenging Kasich”, Jon “told reporters Thursday that if he runs for anything in 2014 it would be for re-election to his current job, where he oversees business filings and elections in the battleground state.

A few weeks ago, Husted was also forced to respond national media coverage of a Plunderbund story on his plan to redistribute electoral votes based on gerrymandered congressional districts.

Tell me again how no one reads blogs?