Marc Kovac reports in the Vindicator that the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, as predicted, has voted to oppose Kasich’s severance tax hike on drillers to fund a state income tax cut.

Similar to our position, the group thinks that “any increase in the severance tax should be used to address local government funding, pay for infrastructure needs and economic development, and mitigate negative impacts of oil and gas drilling on communities and the environment.”

The typically-Republican leaning organization also voted to maintain their position against Kasich’s plan to lease the Ohio Turnpike.

On two recent occasions Kasich was asked about the severance tax hike and its impact on farmers and in both cases- including a Q&A session before the recent Farm Bureau vote – Kasich took the opportunity to talk down to farmers and land owners whose leases would require them, instead of the oil and gas company, to pay the increased tax.

Quick note of advice to Kasich’s advisors: maybe the next time you want to win support for your plans you send someone else so you can avoid insulting the people you’re trying to win over?  Just a thought.