According to Politifact Josh Mandel has been trying to console his supporters with the wonderful news that his “race was the closest U.S. Senate race in Ohio in 36 years”.  For once, Politifact actually rates this statement by Mandel as true.

A more interesting fact is how much it cost him to do it.

If you add up the $40 million dollars spent by outside groups and the nearly $20 Million the Mandel campaign raised, and divide that by the 2,644,425 votes Mandel received, you’ll discover that it cost Mandel and his supporters $22.69 for each vote.

Without a doubt, this is certainly the most money anyone has ever spent to lose a Senate race in Ohio.


  • lol!

  • John W.

    It’s not just the amount of money that was spent, but HOW the money was spent. These Mandel and his cabal of outside lobbyists spent those $23 per vote to lie, distort truths, create tall tales, and falsify records.

    Mandel’s campaign was shamefully undemocratic.

    I am proud that Brown was able to stand up against that campaign of trickery.

  • Palli

    So what’s happened about the Mandel the campaign finance violations?

  • David Scott

    Who was the worst statewide candidate in Ohio history – Blackwell or Mandel? I give Blackwell a narrow edge for his “Man Boy Love Club” slurs during his last debate with Strickland, but it’s a close call.

  • David Scott

    Agreed. Mandel’s interview about energy and climate alone showed a man who has no business holding any public office.

  • David Scott

    I’d love to have overheard the Dispatch’s endorsement discussions before they came out for Brown. I doubt many champagne bottles got uncorked at 34 S Third. I do note that their arch-right editorial editor has had a noticeably lower profile, and the lower the better.

  • Dennis Moran

    Nice but not nearly as stellar as Rudy “911” Giuliani – I believe he has the most failed presidential campaign as estimated by the same measure here – Rudy was nearly $100 per vote.

  • Dennis Moran

    Sorry, I am from out of state – is that Uncle Tom Blackwell – the dirt-sack that delivered Ohio to the worst president ever in 2000?

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