As we reported on Friday, JobsOhio has started running ads on Ohio television stations, aimed at Ohioans, touting Ohio’s economic accomplishments since Kasich took office.

Again, they don’t mention ALL of the jobs that were created in Ohio since the economy started turning around 13 months prior to Kasich taking office. And they don’t simply focus on the jobs created or retained under JobsOhio’s watch, which didn’t start until at least a year after Kasich took office.

Instead, they are only focused on the jobs that were created since the current Governor took office, and they are aimed at Ohioans, making it quite obvious that these aren’t economic development tools but instead Kasich campaign ads.

A good example is the ad below, which shows a robot arm moving test tubes back and forth between the same racks for no apparent purpose, while text appears on the screen talking about all of Kasich’s economic “successes”.

I can’t think of a better analogy for JobsOhio than this: an expensive robot distracts viewers with a high-tech shell game while Kasich tries to claim responsibility for economic successes that started long before he took office.

Yesterday Cuyahoga County Executive FitzGerald sent Kasich a letter calling the ads – which cost over 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS – a “waste of taxpayer dollars”.   It appears, according to FitzGerald, that Kasich is using state resources for his “re-election effort.” And that certainly does seem to be true.

This isn’t the first set of rah-rah-go-Kasich ads that JobsOhio has produced.

Last December they made a three minute ad, shown below, featuring the CEO’s of companies that received millions in incentives from Kasich to help move or build new corporate headquarters for their companies.

Omnicare received $6 Million to move their headquarters back across the Ohio River.  Bob Evans and their “shabby benefits” received $8 Million to move their corporate headquarters a few miles down the road.  And American Greetings got a whopping  $93.5 million in State money for the same reason.

These companies collectively received over $100 million from the Kasich administration to move their companies across town or over a river.   And in at least two cases – Bob Evans and American Greetings – the companies have actually cut hundreds of Ohio jobs since accepting the state incentives.

Is it any wonder these CEO’s are so excited about John Kasich?

Because JobsOhio is not subject to public record requests and their books are not open to public scrutiny, we don’t actually know the full extent of their spending on making and distributing these videos.  We don’t know if the contracts went to Kasich’s friends like Rex Elsass and we don’t know if JobsOhio is spending additional money accepted from private companies or individuals hoping to curry favor with the Governor or hoping to receive financial assistance from JobsOhio.

What we DO know about JobsOhio is already scary enough:  they are spending millions in tax payer dollars on ads aimed at Ohioans to promote Governor Kasich and his reelection campaign.

Just imagine what we DON’T know.