Paradoxically (and falsely), Ohio Republicans claim they are pushing a bill to block funding to Planned Parenthood because they want to expand healthcare options to women.

But they recently revealed a much more political — and therefore more likely — reason for taking up the legislation now, just days after their party was trounced among women up and down the ticket.

And that reason is good old-fashioned payback.

Check out this response from the Ohio Republican Party’s official Twitter account to a call to action from the Dems about the bill:

Sorry ladies for eliminating a trusted source of care that serves non-Medicaid eligible patients without insurance, but your healthcare provider supported our party’s opponent in the election and that offense cannot be tolerated.

By this standard, we expect public schools will be next to lose their funding, given that teachers unions also supported Democrats in the election.

Whatever excuse you hear given by the Ohio GOP, the real reason they are attacking women’s healthcare is political retribution, plain and simple.

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