Back in August we revealed Patrick Fischer, head of the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA), was eagerly hoping to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stratton.

Yesterday we found out Fisher, just as predicted, applied for the job.

Kasich will be appointing Stratton’s replacement, something Fischer obviously knew when he threw the full resources of his organization behind the effort to kill Issue 2,  the redistricting ballot measure that would have forced the drawing of fair and competitive legislative and congressional districts, possibly ending the Republican stranglehold on Ohio’s General Assembly and putting all of Kasich’s big plans at risk.

Julie Carr Smyth of the AP reports this is the first time in 25 years that the OSBA has “waded into a politically heated ballot battle”.  And they didn’t hold much back, spending over $240,000 on political consultants and communications firms to help defeat the issue.  She also reports that “The association’s decision to urge opposition to Issue 2 outraged many members, sparking about 200 complaint emails and what amounted to protest votes by some local bar associations.”

Former OSBA president Gary Leppla clears up any questions you may have had about Fischer’s intentions: “It diminishes the organization, and I regret this has all happened so suddenly this year, that the leadership has been susceptible to political influences possibly.”

Kasich’s reelection campaign has already started and he needs his supporters to believe he will live up to his promises.  Therefore it’s tough to see how Kasich could leave Fischer hanging.