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Ohio lawmakers have no valid reason to steer Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood.

By establishing a priority order that puts public entities first and moves to the bottom “nonpublic entities that provide family planning services, but do not provide comprehensive primary and preventive care services,” House Bill 298 clearly aims to block funding to Planned Parenthood.

The reason is no secret: Some people disapprove of Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions.

That is not a valid reason to disqualify the organization as a provider of birth control, cancer screenings, prenatal care and other women’s health services. Nor is it an issue that belongs on Ohio’s legislative agenda.

Ohioans want lawmakers to focus on restoring the state’s economy and managing its budget wisely, yet Republican lawmakers persist in pushing divisive measures that pander to a minority in the party’s base of support.

Besides the pandering, de-funding Planned Parenthood is bad public policy.

Eliminating Planned Parenthood as an option for women who are forced to rely on Medicaid for their health care would be a disservice to those women. And it is not certain that a multitude of smaller organizations could replace all the service provided by Planned Parenthood, let alone do so efficiently.

Beyond all the ideological posturing, another fact remains: Better access to contraception, including that provided by Planned Parenthood, is the surest way to prevent abortions.

Columbus Dispatch editorial board

  • dmoore2222

    These haters, and that doesn’t include all republicans, have a death wish both at the state and national level. Romney’s latest “gifts” comment only serves to prolong the death throes of of the party as a whole while the rigged congressional districts make these imbeciles feel like they’ve won something. More and more voters are sick and tired of the posturing, the belicosity and the intransiency of these fools which makes these “safe” districts a little less safe every day. There’s no guarentee that reasonable republican voters will vote republican, or at all, come 2014. I think we saw some of that already in this election.

  • wetsu

    The trouble is we need change now. As long as they can operate in their insulated environment, counting on us not to challenge them due to our having to make a living, nothing of substance will change.

  • Look for more extreme legislation to follow. Part of the Republican strategy is to throw out so many outlandish initiatives at one time, that the progressives can’t keep up with all of them. Kasich’s extreme budget passed last year when we were all busy working against SB 5. There’s a method to their madness!

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