JobsOhio announced today that it will launch an advertising campaign featuring new 30-second television spots that will “run for three weeks on most major networks around the state.” You read that correctly. John Kasich’s signature program, funded with taxpayer dollars and responsible for attracting new jobs to Ohio, is going to start running TV ads in Ohio.

For a group that fought tooth-and-nail to be free from any government oversight or public scrutiny, the purpose of their first big ad buy couldn’t be any more transparent.

You may be familiar with TV ads from Michigan or New York that air on Ohio television touting the benefits of living, working and starting or moving companies to those states. These aren’t those kind of ads. Instead, JobsOhio appears to have only one aim: touting the “accomplishments” of Governor John Kasich in what can only be assumed is the first ad of his 2014 reelection campaign.

One short JobsOhio ad previewed on YouTube claims “Since January 2011, Ohio business have created 112,600 new jobs.”

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly the same self-serving line Kasich has been delivering for months. January 2011 is the month Kasich took office.

Ohio’s economic recovery actually started in December 2009 under Governor Strickland. Since then, according to the same BLS data the ad cites, Ohio created 175,00 total jobs – 55 percent more than the ad claims.

If JobsOhio really wanted to promote Ohio’s economic recovery, they would count jobs created going back to December 2009 when hiring began.

And if JobsOhio really wanted to attract inward investment from other states, they’d run the ads in other states.

Instead, JobsOhio has taken to simply serving as cheerleaders for the Kasich Administration. For JobsOhio to tout job creation since the date of John Kasich’s inauguration, rather than the start of the state’s economic recovery, and to aim it at an in-state audience suggests their goal has nothing to do with promoting Ohio’s economy to potential investors and everything to do with boosting John Kasich’s political fortunes. It’s a wholly inappropriate expenditure for a supposedly independent, nonpolitical taxpayer-funded entity.

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  • Adam

    Where is the money actually coming from to pay for the ads?

  • the “recovery begins under strickland” and “kasich begins taking credit for recovery” notations are laughably biased.

  • Remember that Republicans in Congress are investigating why the Obama Administration spent a lot of money on advertising to educate citizens about their rights under the Affordable Care Act. The only educational aspect of this is to inform voters why they should re-elect Governor Kasich.

  • dmoore2222

    Well it was this kind of denial that let to the results of the recent election. Republicans swore the economy was getting worse when all the numbers showed steady improvement over the last three years. People can count and they did. And they came to the conclusion that there is improvement. And If it wasn’t for the auto bailout, which Kasich was vehemently against, his job numbers would be a lot worse. But this is a distraction. The real smack down for Johnny Boy is gonna come in 2014. All those workers and their supporters who showed up at the State House will remember SB5 just like they did for this presidential election. And now he wants to pick a fight with the entire political spectrum across northern Ohio over turnpike privatization.

  • amyvav

    No. Look at the graph. It goes down, then it starts to go up, well after Gov. Strickland took office. This is how it works with a turnaround. It doesn’t happen instantaneously just because someone new has been elected. So, Joseph’s notations are not biased. They are just plain true. That’s what makes for a powerful blog post. His opinion is based on facts that are undisputed, that doesn’t mean that it’s “biased,” it means that the facts do not support what Mr. Kasich claims.

    If you are reading Plunderbund just to try to poke holes in their posts, you will find precious few. That’s because they base them on research and sound journalistic principles (even if they aren’t all journalists). Sorry for the rant, but I’m sick of people ridiculing and accusing those with opinions other than their own. If you want to ridicule and accuse, get some facts to back it up.

  • amyvav

    What aspect should make we want to re-elect him? The fact that he is knowingly misleading the citizens of Ohio about his effectiveness, or the fact that he is spending MY money in a way other than it was intended?

  • dmoore2222

    My god. He’s using this crumbling venture to try to convince people they’re lives are getting better because of the ideas of a venture capitalist who has since quit. Kasich is forever stuck with the Obama lead resurrection of the auto industry. It would take a breakthrough of immense proportions to convince people that Kasich just isn’t benefitting from the leadership of a president who the republican party has desperately tried to delegitimize, and failed.

  • JEAN

    kasich will never never get my vote …he is just like the AG of ohio mentally disturbed .

  • more reasons why kasich needs to go, now using a quasi public/private agency to be his cheerleader, using public tax payer money to run ads for his reelection. he picked a fight with the public workers with his anti workers bill in an all out power grab to the first step in trying to make ohio into a right to work state. now trying to sell off the turnpike even after it was strongly opposed, unfortunately alot of repubs in the statehouse right now would sell thier families into slavery or sell thier souls to the devil if it meant they got a high paying, little work, no responsibliity gravy job. so its very possible those fools will turn the blind eye and vote on letting him sell the turnpike.

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