Again proving Republicans learned absolutely nothing from their huge defeat last week, the Republican-controlled Ohio House has scheduled hearings starting today at 4pm for HB 580  – the Arizona-like anti-immigrant bill sponsored by Republican State Reps Courtney Combs and Matt Lynch.

Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the US, currently making up 16% of the population.

Obama won their vote  71 to 27, helping to push him to victory.



  • SlapFat

    It’s as though they want to look like oblivious dunces and simpletons. Are they banking on the idea that the Ohio electorate is going to forget their egregious behavior when the 2014 election comes?

  • mcpierogipazza

    There were problems with Ukrainians in the Cleveland area selling fake drivers licenses to fellow Ukrainians (the ring got busted by police), yet something tells me that whites who are here illegally don’t much concern these gentlemen, just the small non-Puerto Rican Latino communities in Ohio. Just like no one ever complains about all the undocumented Irish workers in NYC.

  • lihtox

    They *did* learn something; they learned that they are going to be out of power very soon, and so they have to get as much of their odious legislation passed as quickly as possible.

  • dmoore2222

    Republicans think they actually won something in their gerrymandered distticts (like having your dad referee your ball games) so they are determined to assert themselves. They simply cannot accept the fact that Ohio, like the rest of the country, looks more like Obama than Romney. More like Little Richard than Elvis Presley. Need more proof? Paul Ryan said he was shocked by the turnout of Democrats in the urban centers. What? You mean the guy who could have been second in command doesn’t know that historically democrats dominate the urban vote? Good god!

  • John W.

    If this legislation passes (I hope it doesn’t), it will only add to the burden of already overworked police officers in this state. It will turn hard-working police into bureaucrats. It will negatively impact the amount of time that police spend by protecting their communities.

    Just another absent-minded unfunded mandate from Columbus.

  • Great post, I enjoyed ready reading it.

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