The House Education Committee meets tonight for the first of numerous lame-duck gatherings with the key piece of legislation being the creation of a new (old-school)  grading system for schools across the state that was mandated by the General Assembly last spring.  Parents and educators across the state have some reason to be optimistic that this legislation might end up less horrible now that a former teacher has been appointed as the Ranking Minority Member on the Education Committee, representing progressive educational interests.

Representative Nickie Antonio (D), already a voice of reason on the committee, will take over the Democratic Leadership role on the committee vacated by the resignation of Clayton Luckie.  Antonio is a former special education teacher and friend of education in the state who has received endorsements by the Ohio Federation of Teachers and the Ohio Education Association (twice).

Most recently, Rep. Antonio won re-election for her District 13 House seat in a 75%-25% landslide victory over her Republican opponent.