Ohio’s Republicans just released the agenda for next week’s Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee hearings.  Alongside bills about head injuries in youth sports and licensing for Pediatric respite care programs, you’ll find the ridiculous , reincarnated  “Human cloning/ Animal Hybridization” bill (SB94) sponsored, of course, by  Kris Jordan.

I seriously thought Republican party leaders would have driven Jordan out after his run in with the law, just like they did with Mecklenbourg and Martin.

But I suppose they need someone around with nothing left to loose who can sponsor bills to defund Planned Parenthood, cast the only vote against a bill protecting children from bullying and, of course, to keep Ohio free from dangerous Centaurs and other human/animal hybrids.

Republican Senators introduced a similar bill in 2005 and again in 2010 but have yet to get this ridiculous piece of legislation passed.

Polling shows Ohio voters are overwhelming concerned about the economy, healthcare, Medicare and even the national debt. Human/animal hybrids didn’t even make the list.