Tuesday’s election results send a very clear signal that voters are not interested in electing extremist candidates who are hostile to women. And, as Rachel Maddow tallies it, all nine members of what she’s endearingly called the “rape caucus” lost their races.

In a year that was dominated by the politics of contraception and abortion, women sided with Democratic candidates who held that such choices should be left to a woman and her doctor. Obama won by 11 points among women while he lost by 7 among men — an 18 point gender gap that far exceeds the 12-point gender gap in his 2008 defeat of John McCain.

Outgoing Ohio GOP Congressman Steve LaTourette had this to say about his fellow republicans on CNN today:

On social issues he added that the GOP needs to “get out of peoples’ lives, get out of their bedrooms.” His wife, he said, is a Democrat who considered voting Republican this year until Senate hopefuls Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin “opened their mouth(s)” and made controversial comments about rape.

“We sent (women) running back to the Democratic Party because they think we’re nutty,” LaTourette said.

So what is the message that sitting Republicans take away from Tuesday’s election results?

Let’s do more crazy anti-abortion legislation!

No, we’re not kidding. The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting tonight that a deal has been struck by Ohio Right to Life and another, even-crazier, Ohio anti-abortion group. As a result, Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus intends to take action on the heartbeat bill – legislation that would ban abortion as soon as a detectable heartbeat is present, with no exception for rape, incest or a woman’s health – during the upcoming lame duck session of the Ohio legislature.

The bill, you’ll remember, already passed the Ohio House of Representatives, so Niehaus and his insistence that the two groups reach an agreement, was the only firewall preventing the bill from heading to Kasich for his signature.

We don’t know what the compromise is. It could be a rape exception, though we doubt it. The main issue with the bill was always that it was plainly unconstitutional. My guess is what will emerge will be “informed consent” legislation that — rather than banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected — forces a woman to listen to, or watch, the fetal heart beating.

Because you know what was a big winning issue in 2012? Forced vaginal ultrasounds.

Do these people ever learn?

We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, call your Ohio State Senator now and let them know what you think of HB 125 and their obsessive focus on legislation to restrict women’s healthcare options.
  • One question How did Janet Folger Porter get to Nieuhaus and ORTL??

  • missskeptic

    Call MY State Senator? You mean Mr. Kris “you know how women are” Jordan, the Darth Vader, wife-beating drunk who moved as far out into the country as possible and still be in Delaware County so he could slap his wife around and shoot off his 15 guns without the neighbors interferring? Can’t think of a bigger waste of time.

  • Few Republicans even get it –

    Our Constitution is for all of us, not a select few. It makes us all equal under the rule of law. The Constitution may have been written by white men, but they don’t own it. The freedoms it allows are for everyone. Check it.

    We will not be deterred from exercising our right to vote. Each attempt of voter suppression will bring forth the wrath of the electorate and you will never win. Deal with it.

    Women outnumber men in the electorate. This means if you force your personal opinions and religious views on us, you will surely lose. In fact, we will replace you with a woman to correct your error in judgment. We will not accept less pay for equal work. Face it.

    Our citizens come in every size, type and color. Some are more colorful than others and use the rainbow to remind you just how narrow minded you truly are. We are all Americans. Accept it.

    America is not a Theocracy and we treasure Separation of Church and State. Our forefathers refused to shove a State Church down our throat allowing freedom for it as well as from it. The Light you attempt to force turns to Darkness with every hateful, racist, homophobic remark spewed from your lips. The Lord gave us free will. Read it and stop thumping it.

    Corporations aren’t real people.You can’t Buy it.

  • Clevelandchick

    Thank you for giving Democrats back the assembly and statehouse Ohio GOP. An early Christmas present.

  • What is the equivalent to a man as an abortion is to a women. When I really find out there will be a bill on my list that will ban it. Oh I know SEX! I can go without but can these asses? Maybe they need to just have it cut off. Then we won’t have to worry about abortions and rapes. Don’t get me started! Every women has the right to a choice. It may not be my choice. But it is not my RIGHT to make my choice yours! Every women has the right to a safe choice! The good lord gave us a brain to make our own choices. No man knows what goes into this choice. They never will. They can’t. They do not have the ability. They never will. Some may emphasize, however they will never know the agony of that choice no matter what is chosen .

  • pb_dirtgirl

    It won’t get him to change his vote, but these guys literally get NO constituent calls on the majority of bills they pass. If he were to receive a large number of calls opposed to a bill, there’s a chance he could see it as a loser and quietly urge leadership to let the bill die in committee, never to see a final vote. It’s definitely worth making contact, even if by email.

  • nowaRINO

    I think they realize the window of opportunity for this nonsense is closing.

  • missskeptic

    If he were a normal human being, you’re right, it would be worth a shot. But he’s a psychopath, a bully, an alcoholic, and an unstable diabetic. If one person wrote to ask him to change his mind, he would laugh. If a hundred people asked him, he would laugh even harder, then just do what he wants. He can be a dangerous person with the capability to strike back, and would not hesitate to do so. There used to be several people who would write letters to the Gazette about him, but most people are now too afraid of resprisals. If he had my name and address, he would have the ammunition to seriously hurt my family. At some point, every dictator falls, and it will happen to Kris; in the meantime, I just try to stay out of his line of fire.

  • eraser1998

    THIS should be required reading of all members of the state legislature before they proceed with this ill-conceived bill:


  • Do they have any clue how early a heartbeat can be detected? This effectively bans abortion after 8 weeks, which — given the fact a woman whose period is a day late is already about five weeks pregnant — is likely as long as it takes many women to realize they’re pregnant, make a decision, and get together the resources needed to schedule an abortion.

    Of course, that’s probably the point.

    They really will never learn.

  • tjdubya

    These wing nut legislative actions only point out how Roe v. Wade is a weak constitutional right. I think the country needs an updated Supreme Court case that sets minimum requirements for access to abortion in every state.

  • I write letters to the editor challenging his radical point of view — and yes — there have been reprisals. However, I will not allow him to bully me —
    I have been “warned off” repeatedly — and will have a nice blog post about the latest warning later today.

  • missskeptic

    I have read your letters and publicly stated that you’re a very brave person to state the truth. I know that you personally had a website shut down thanks to He Who Must Not Be Named, so I’m looking forward to reading the latest.

  • Maryanna Price

    What is there to not get? They keep passing dehumanizing, abusive laws, they keep getting elected and the Supreme Court refuses to call any restrictions “undue burdens.” They get it perfectly. This won’t stop until women are dying in motel rooms again. Then we might – might!- get a health-of-the-woman exception.

  • JamesIam

    20 female Senators now. Let’s make it 50 next time!

    And you’re right about the suppression efforts. I was so moved by the people (almost all minorities in the photos I saw) standing in line, braving the rain and cold, missing their families, hungry, tired, DEMANDING their right to vote and not giving up until their voices were heard. No amount of money or cheating or intimidation will squash the human spirit. It just makes us stronger. It was inspiring. I will never forget those faces.

  • Planned Parenthood @PPAOhio
    BREAKING: Ohio House Health Committee schedules VOTE on bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Meeting 11/1 4 @ 9AM Statehouse Rm. 116 Well I got a little rest Ohio

  • I was amazed that in this otherwise enlightened age that the Republican Party just doesn’t

  • ZEUS

    It is just to stupid for words. Why does the republican party have to endorse religion? It has nothing to do with government, Abortion what is the problem? It has been done for thousands of years except when you get crazy Christians involved. Lets make the Republican party one of a radical nature … That is why it was formed in the first place. Lincoln used religion to make all the less intelligent feel better. He knew that is how you move the 85% of the population that really does not have much on the ball.

    Since the late 1970’s these religion wackos who have hijacked it starting from that gasbag Jerry Falwell to some of the most bizarre candidates in the 2012 Republican race that would give a challenge to members of a freak show.

    I think it is time for members of the Republican party read the ideals of the ORIGINAL REPUBLICAN PARTY. What it tells you is they were not very religious. Lincoln was not at all, but made it look so. He was a devote follower follower of ideas of Jefferson who also saw religion as one of the stupidest things he had ever experienced He even rewrote the New Testament and took out all the useless items and it was a very short book. Lincoln did the same, but it was burned by Lincoln at the advice of his managers.

    So lets go back to what made the republican party great. One of them was not religion. There is a wall of separation..and if you have not noticed it has a knack of making those who follow its dictates act rather foolish at times. Get rid of the religion and get some intelligent life in that party and maybe you might win ..Right now it is a Freak show.. Fix it or it will die.

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