Republicans took a beating yesterday on many fronts.   No doubt many socially conservative Rs are currently blaming it on Romney in manner similar to this: “It’s our own fault for nominating that squishy RINO Romney.  I nearly died when he said he believed in abortion exceptions.  Barack Obama would be packing his bags right now if we’d just nominated a staunch social conservative like Rick Santorum!”

To these people, I present the following facts about yesterday’s election:


  • Three states voted to legalize same sex marriage (Maine, Maryland and Washington).   Minnesota voted down a same-sex marriage ban.


  • Two states (Washington and Colorado) voted to legalize marijuana.


  • Barack Obama overwhelming won the Hispanic vote.  This was certainly impacted by the anti-immigrant policies promoted by Republicans.


  • Women overwhelming voted for the President, many because of archaic Republican positions on abortion and contraception, and highly publicized statements by Republican candidates that clearly showed the old white men of the Republican party have absolutely no clue what they are talking about when it comes to women and their private parts.


  • Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s campaign crashed and burned after his comments about women not being unable to get pregnant from “legitimate rape”.  His state of Missouri went for Romney by 10 points, while he lost to Claire McCaskill by over 15 points.


  • Indiana’s Richard Mourdock faced a similar fate after he claimed rape-related pregnancies are what “God intended”.  He lost to his opponent – who also claims to be anti-abortion but supports reasonable exceptions – by 6 points.   (Indiana went to Romney by 10 points)


  • Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay person elected to the US Senate and the first women elected to the Senate from Wisconsin


  • Josh Mandel adopted such strong anti-abortion and anti-gay positions that his own family wrote a letter publicly shaming him.  Mandel called Mourdock a “class act” the after his controversial comments, which he refused to denounce.  Josh lost by 5 points to Sherrod “the most liberal member of congress” Brown.


  • PRWatch reports at least 19 women have been elected to the U.S. Senate “the most ever in U.S. history” thanks, in no small part, to the Republican “war on women”.


Listen Republicans: I know you all REALLY believe that America is a Right-leaning country and the reason Americans aren’t voting for you has to do with the way you delivered your message instead of the message itself.   But this election AGAIN proved you are wrong.

You can’t support anti-immigrant policies, building huge border fences and making English the nation language and asking anyone who doesn’t look like you for papers, and expect Hispanic voters – who increasingly make up a larger and larger portion of the electorate – to respond positively to your message of freedom and liberty.

You can’t tell same-sex couples they don’t deserve the same rights as other couples and expect to win them over – or the growing number of “straight” Americans who support them – with promises of lower taxes.

And you can’t try to insert yourselves between women and their doctors, and insist they don’t deserve the same pay as men, then expect women – who make up over half of the electorate – to sign on to your plan to shrink the size of government.

Listen guys :  I know you THINK you had a bad year because you nominated a candidate who wasn’t socially conservative enough.   But that’s not the problem.  Not. Even. Close.