Keep this post open for live updates tonight as we live blog the election.  The page will be updated with time stamped entries and will update automatically.  No need to refresh.


  • Becky (@omg_youguys)

    @plunderbund You guys deserve it. Thanks for keeping us all informed this election season!

  • John the Baptist (@LuvMyGovner)

    @plunderbund Send a few to GOP headquarters. They are going to need them!

  • Brad Friedman (@TheBradBlog)

    @plunderbund Source for that?

  • kakker

    Thanks for all that you do. Hope you had two pints. 😉

  • Brett Farmer (@farmer1279)

    @plunderbund Which is why we need Issue 2 to pass!!! #fairness

  • Jamie B (@jamienbct)

    @plunderbund WOOT!

  • mzrsd (@mzrsd)

    @plunderbund LOVE that.

  • Ramona Hauenstein (@swissmiss12)

    @plunderbund WOOHOO!!!!!!

  • Join the Future (@jointhefutureOH)

    @plunderbund Romney down to just 9 paths to victory. Obama at 118.

  • Buckeye State Blog (@buckeyeblog)

    @plunderbund Hold even one.

  • Lornesto Toledo (@LornestoToledo)

    @plunderbund All those wins tomorrow going to be looking pretty relevant.

  • Patricia Kellogg (@PatriciaKellogg)

    @plunderbund me too and I’m not running……lolol

  • Jeffrey Potts (@JeffreyTPotts)

    @plunderbund …watching CNN no call on Florida yet…but…

  • Brian T. Higgins (@Notgvn)

    @plunderbund It was announced that the Miami Dade elections workers all went home and would count no more votes until tomorrow.

  • Thomas Givens (@Thomasgivens)

    @plunderbund Heard FLA stopped counting votes for the night.

  • David Corey (@dcviper985)

    @plunderbund non ironic #tag. Nice.

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