You may remember Dr. Marisha Agana, Tim Ryan’s opponent in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District,  from our previous post about her classy Tweet comparing President Obama to history’s most genocidal leaders.

Well…. She’s back!  And classy as always.  This time with a billboard in the heart of her district depicting Tim Ryan’s face poorly Photoshopped on to the body of a cartoon dog.

According to FEC Filings from July, Agana paid $1,450.00 to Lamar Advertising for this sign, pretty much the only advertising she’s purchased in this campaign.  And she paid for it in May. It’s unclear who actually created this ridiculous image.  I can find no record of any graphic design company being hired by her campaign, which leads me to believe she may have done it herself.  The quality certainly lends credibility to that theory.

According to Open Secrets Ryan has raised $730,228 for this campaign, and he has $232,568 on hand.  Agana has used up the majority of the $29,863 she’s raised ($10k or her own money), and is left with about four thousand bucks.

The sad thing:  the spiked collar actually makes Tim look like a pretty tough bulldog.    Stay tuned for a future post titled Tim Ryan: Bulldog for the middle class – or maybe something slightly more clever.