Kasich’s been talking a lot of shit about the auto industry lately in an attempt to minimize the importance of the Democrat-led rescue that has been winning Senator Sherrod Brown and President Barack Obama votes in Ohio.

After heading praise on the auto industry at the beginning of his term – especially the Ohio-made Chevy Cruze – the Governor spent the past few months downplaying the importance of auto-related companies in Ohio in an attempt to help Romney and other Republicans push back against President Obama and Senator Brown’s overwhelmingly successful auto rescue.   Kasich has now taken to straight up lying about the number of Ohioans working in the industry and the jobs created by the rescue.

Just last week Kasich was on Meet the Press claiming only 400 new auto-related jobs have been created.

But a study by Innovation Ohio shows that the auto “industry has created over 17,300 Ohio jobs since the rescue.”   400 vs 17,300?   Big difference there.

According to the same IO report, Kasich’s own Department of Development says  “34% of private investment in 2011was in the auto industry” accounting for “18% of all private sector job announcements.

Ohio will likely decide the 2012 election and Ohioans, despite Kasich’s misinformation, know the importance the auto industry plays in our state. Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama supported the auto rescue.  They saved and created Ohio jobs and this is winning them votes.

Republicans have been floundering to find a response. Romney tried doubling down on his “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” comments.  When that didn’t work, he starting pushing the lie that Jeep is planning to ship jobs to China.  Both tactics failed.

Brown’s opponent Josh Mandel spent the past year refusing to comment on the auto rescue, hoping it would just go away.  Recently he switched gears and started attacking Brown as a “bailout senator” for his industry-saving votes.  Again, two failures.

And John Kasich?  As we already noted, he’s tried to help them both out by dismissing the hard work of Ohio’s workers and the importance of investments made by auto companies in our state.  But Ohioans aren’t buying it.

I could go on, but I think a couple of pictures help tell the story even better.

Sherrod Brown has been touring Ohio in a caravan of Ohio-made Jeeps and Chevy Cruzes.  The Brown family owns two of these Ohio-made cars.

John Kasich, according to video from the now-famous 2008 “idiot cop” traffic stop, drives a Toyota.


Any questions?

  • rhetorical

    I drive a Cruze. As a unionized teacher who was grateful for the support from UAW members during the SB-5 fight, it was the least I could do to help them back.
    Lots of domestics are made in Canada where the wages are higher because GM/Ford/Chrysler do not have to pay for healthcare in Canada.
    Kasich could afford to buy locally and support the economy, but what do we expect from a Steelers fan who governs a state with two NFL franchises?

  • Spitfiremk1

    The Toyota does seem to copy the Chevy; I suppose that a complete simpleton like Kasich would think that it would fool the average person. Deceit seems to be his modus operandi. Still, he could at least put an “Obama-Biden” bumper sticker on the thing so he could get a little sympathy from police as he is making his illegal lane changes.

  • eraser1998

    Actually, a lot of domestics are made in Canada because the US government sold out its own industry.

    In 1965, the Johnson administration signed a trade agreement with Canada that removed extremely high tariffs on trade in automobiles and parts between the US and Canada. In exchange for these lowered tariffs, automakers had to build a vehicle in Canada for each vehicle they sold in Canada. Without the tariffs, they could rationalize production (ie, no need to build the same model in two different plants just to avoid a tariff), which meant lower costs, but it also required the US automakers to build a lot of capacity in Canada to meet those requirements.

    It wasn’t the healthcare that drove them there (healthcare costs in the US were still relatively low in the 60s and early 70s) – it was our own government.

  • eraser1998

    I agree with some of the comments below. I truly dislike Kasich, but criticizing him because he drives a Toyota Avalon? We have MUCH better complaints than that.

    (For the record, every vehicle I have ever purchased was built by the UAW – one in Illinois, and one in Michigan).

  • DMoore

    Kasich’s job numbers are pathetic without the auto baillout. He’s arrogance won’t allow him to see Ohioans know that. This is just another affront from this bloviator that his party is going to pay for tomorrow.

  • namvetted68

    The least Kasich could have done was go with a Marysville, Ohio assembled Honda. Still non-union and not American owned, but at least from his own state.

    Come 2014, send John and his crew a message to go back to Wall Street and leave the governing to the adults.

  • A Toyota made in Kentucky. I know it seems like a foreign country but it really isn’t.

  • Glad I checked the comments before I replied! I was going to make the same point.

  • Hybridhype

    Why do you feel it is important to buy a union made product? Is it the money it sends to the Democrats that makes you feel good? Just wondering

  • Red Rover

    Just because a car is assembled in the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s an “American-profited” car. All of the electronics are probably made in Japan or China, regardless of the brand.

    Either way American car companies really have a lot of catching up to do. It’s embarrassing that there’s not a single U.S. automaker in the top-10 for reliability.

  • These petty snipes turn off people like me who are more concerned with real policy.

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