An Obama volunteer in Greene County reports some mysterious canvassing activity whereby people are coming by asking if the resident has voted and if not offering them the fraudulent ability to vote in their doorway via an iPad.

The story was relayed to us by Obama campaign volunteer Anita Dobrzelecki, who says she was calling committed Obama supporters to confirm they had voted.  She reached a woman who said she had not, but that she “wanted to vote like my fiancée voted.”

When asked, the young woman said that a man came to her fiancée’s door and asked if he had voted.  When he answered no, he was asked who he wanted to vote for.  He answered Obama.  The man at the door says “Great!  You can do that right now” and presented an iPad with what looked like an electronic ballot.  He made a selection and was told his vote was counted and he did not need to submit an absentee ballot or go to the polls.

We had heard a rumor of this kind of activity also happening in the Youngstown area, but there were very little details on that story and we’ve been unable to find anyone to talk to about it.  The Youngstown story wasn’t fully consistent with this Greene County report as it included the marking of a paper type ballot and also included an “I Voted” sticker.

Obviously this type of activity would be designed to suppress votes for the candidate the person thought they were voting for at the door.  It’s the opposite of GOTV (get out the vote).

It could also be a class 5 felony under Ohio Revised Code  3599.20.

It may also violate the Federal Voting Rights Act.  We would urge anyone who has had this experience to immediately call the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice.

We also recommend highly getting as much information as possible about the person at your door.  Ask for their identification and get a picture with your cell phone if you can.  This is, obviously, not a proper way to cast a ballot in Ohio and anyone asking you to do so is trying to ensure your vote does not count.

We’ll continue to follow this story and get more details.  Be sure to let us know if you hear anything or have more evidence of such schemes.