First thing’s first:   If you have any concerns about voting this year, please go read Leo’s post from this morning .  It will make you feel much better.

Now for some important things to keep in mind when you head out to vote…


You DO NOT need an ID to vote early today or Monday.  You will simply need to put the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or your Ohio Driver’s License Number on the form.  If you don’t have either, you can show one of the alternative forms of ID listed below.

You can still vote early today (Sunday) until 5PM.  Early voting on Monday is from 8AM to 2PM.  Anyone in line by 5PM today or 2PM on Monday must be allowed to vote!


You DO need an ID to vote a regular ballot on election day, but it DOES NOT need to be a photo ID.  Any of the following will work:

  • A current and valid photo identification card issued by the State of Ohio or the United States government; or
  • A military identification (“military ID”); or
  • An original or copy of a current utility bill; or
  • An original or copy of a current bank statement; or
  • An original or copy of a current government check; or
  • An original or copy of a current paycheck; or
  • An original or copy of a current other government document, other than a voter registration acknowledgement notification mailed by the board of elections, that shows the voter’s name and current address.

Important: Your Ohio driver’s license DOES NOT need to show your current address.  As long as your ID has not expired and your current address is printed on the official poll list you can still vote a regular ballot.


DO NOT let anyone force you to vote provisionally simply because your Ohio driver’s license address is not current.  As we mentioned above – as long as the address on the poll list is current YOU MAY VOTE A REGULAR BALLOT.

If you forget your ID they still must let you vote a provisional ballot, but it will not be counted on election day, so you want to avoid voting provisionally if at all possible.  So bring ID!

The polls are open from 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m on Election Day (Tuesday).


If you have other questions Election Protection ( 886OURVOTE.ORG ) has answers on their website.   They will also have lawyers working non-stop to protect your right to vote.

Put their hotline on your speed dial:

 1-866-OUR-VOTE  (1-866-687-8683)


If you have any problem at the polls call the hotline.  They have lawyers ready to help.


  • becca

    Why do I think they will be busy on Tuesday????

  • KEEP IN MIND if your are required to vote a provisional ballot to print your name, sign your name, provide the last four of your SS#, 0R 8 digits of your license, OR check the box indicating which form of ALTERNATE ID you used. While OHIO LAW (R.C. § 3505.181(B)(6) requires the poll worker to ensure this info is provided, Sec’y Husted changed the rules last Friday placing responsibility on the voter. Emergency motions were filed over the weekend, and federal courts have been pretty solid on voters’ rights, but don’t take chance — double check that all your information is there.

  • CincyJenna

    OK. I’m voting in person tomorrow, and have voted at the same precinct for four years. My license is still my old address until it expires end of this month. I’ve never had a problem before, but just to avoid a poll worker who doesn’t know the law, should I just avoid the whole thing and show my phone bill or bank statement instead of ID, or both?

  • Bring both. They CAN NOT deny you a regular ballot if they have your current address on file – even if your driver’s license has an old address.

  • Queen

    My daughter was denied the right to vote using her military ID. Fortunately, she had her current license with her and was able to cast her ballot. She even politely explained to the poll worker that she was careful to verify online that a military ID was sufficient. They said no because it had no address on it.

  • James Carpenter

    Actually… it’s required by law to show your ID when voting in Ohio.

  • James Carpenter

    it’s required by law to show your ID when voting in Ohio.

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