We’re not sure if Romney’s website just sucks, or if the campaign has simply abandoned Southern Ohio, but a quick search for events within 50 miles of Hamilton county (specifically postal code 45202) in the next two days shows just two events.  Both are rallies tomorrow after early voting has ended and both, surprisingly, involve John Boehner.

I say surprisingly because a PPP poll from a few weeks ago shows Boehner’s approval rating under water.

Do you approve or disapprove of House Speaker John Boehner’s job performance?
Approve …………….. .33%
Disapprove…………. .46%
Not sure …………….. .21%

Also noteworthy: the calendar is messed up (see screen shot below).  Obviously Tuesday November 6th is election day, but the Romney calendar has everything shifted forward a day, showing election day on Wednesday.

The same search on Barack Obama’s website turns up – no kidding – hundreds of events.  Also: the calendar works.

Screen shots of both searches are included below.






  • I think his website just sucks. The NY Times had an article today profiling both campaigns’ hard efforts in Hamilton. Perhaps Romney doesn’t show volunteer events?

  • I think this article sucks. It’s nothing but partisan static. What is Plunderbund or Blunderbound? Whatever you call yourself? Who are you Joseph? I picture you with a laptop somewhere deep in an occupy encampment down by the river.

  • NYT is a laughing stock. Pull yourself away from that nonsense and join the rest of us in reality.

  • I’m sorry Rivalry, could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear what you said over the sound of the roaring river and all the pot-smoking hippies in that drum circle next to my make-shift tent.

  • athenap

    How do they mess up a calendar app? Isn’t that, like, first-grade coding? Or maybe they’re relying on Ohio SOS John Husted to close all the polls to Democratic voters

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