Here is a little song I wrote

You might want to sing it note for note

Don’t worry be happy

In every life we have some trouble

When you worry you make it double

Don’t worry, be happy……


Bobby McFerrin


1.         The election on Tuesday will generally go off without too many major problems.  For the overwhelming majority of Ohioans who wait to Election Day to vote the lines will be manageable, the process will be smooth, and your experience will be drama free.  Wear your “I voted Today” button proudly.

2.         The media will report on “problems.”  We will hear about “long lines” and “confusion.”  Ignore these stories.  Two reasons.  First, the media really has nothing to do on Election Day before the polls close, so they are looking for ANY story.  Second, our military friends teach us that initial reports of “problems” from the battlefield always appear exaggerated because expected success is not reported.

3.         Somebody will try to draw conclusions from early reports of high or low turnout.  Ignore these people.  Even if once you could draw a conclusion from anecdotal reports of turnout, early voting in Ohio has made this mostly irrelevant or impossible to analyze with any intelligence.

4.         Secretary of State Husted will do something stupid and dickish.  Most recently, he issued a directive saying that voters, not election officials must fill out provisional ballot forms.  (This is probably contrary to Ohio law.)  We will likely see more of this stuff before and during the election.  Remember Husted’s game here: he wants people to think that voting will be difficult in order to hold down turnout.  But having lost on almost all of the big issues – like voting on the three days right before the election – all he can really do is pick at the margins.  Don’t forget that the Democrats have awesome lawyers who have been kicking Husted’s and Attorney General DeWine’s butt left and right in court.  Trust these people to keep Husted in check.

5.         Progressives will take the bait and over-react to something stupid and dickish done by Husted.  A good example is our friends at ThinkProgress.  In reporting on Husted’s latest directive, they used this headline:  “Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes And Swing The Election.”  Maybe they are right; but probably not.  The point is that Husted wants to raise tension, and folks just play into that game by elevating every petty issue to the “One That Will Decide The Election.”

6.         Exit polls will leak.  Didn’t we learn the lesson in 2004?  They are only partly reliable.  Don’t listen to them.

7.         Tea Party and other right wing groups will try to intimidate voters in minority neighborhoods.  These people are despicable.  But more than that, they are sad and pathetic as they re-fight the election battles of the 50s and 60s.  If you see these folks, just smile and tap your “I Voted Today” button.  You won.

Don’t worry.  Be Happy.  Everything the Right is doing now smells of desperation.  The media wants to push the “too close to call story” because it raises ratings and is a more dramatic narrative.  Don’t buy it.   If – IF – the Democrats do their job then the President and Sherrod Brown will carry Ohio.  (Note, this means that there is still work to do!)  Democracy is a miracle.  Enjoy it.