New Left Media captured video of all kinds of crazy at the recent Romney rally in Defiance, Ohio.

Videos like this always make me feel bad for the frat boy who can’t name all 57 points on Romney’s jobs plan. I have much less compassion for the kooks (4:05) who seem confused when you point out the obvious problems with their belief that Obama’s father was a Muslim AND an Atheist at the same time – or that President Obama is a Koran-reading Muslim who also attended Reverend Wright’s Christian Church for 20 years.

Earlier in the video she says she’s voting for Romney because, like her, he “doesn’t believe in homosexuality.” For people who don’t “believe” in gayness, they sure spend a heck of a lot of time thinking about it.

Worried your one vote doesn’t count for much? Think about it this way: your one vote just cancelled out the crazy Koran-lady’s vote against Obama.

Polls are open from 1 to 5 tomorrow. Go vote early!

  • I blame the Buddhists

  • missskeptic

    The polls are open from 1 pm – 5 pm, not noon – 5.

  • Correct. Fixed. Husted’s “uniform” hours aren’t very uniform, are they?


    Can’t make up their minds……

  • missskeptic

    I guess I try to see the glass as half-full – at least there are hours to vote on Sunday. The lines in Delaware Co. have been HUGE and the people are being served. The biggest foreseeable problem is that about /3 of those who decided to vote absentee have either changed their minds or never sent in their ballots, meaning that a lot of them will show up to vote a provisional ballot on election day – DelCo is predicting 5000 provisionals (out of a predicted 100,000 voters) – you can extrapolate the numbers for the biggest counties. This could delay the results by 10 days at least.

  • It makes this Ohioan want to hide from my neighbors, in case they are closet crazy!

  • Sam

    These folks listen to (and believe) Rush and Laura and Glen Beck.

    Its sad.

  • I’m going to vote for Obama indirectly by voting for Gary Johnson for President.

  • and they made fun of Ron Paul supporters during the primaries….these are Romney’s supporters lol

  • Jugstopper

    Those Buddhists are nothing but troublemakers, amirite?

  • nazmi

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