We are all invited to a rally in support of Mitt Romney on Sunday at 4:00 pm in the small parking lot of the early voting center in Delaware County, courtesy of Governor John Kasich and Senator Rob Portman.

Delaware County is certainly a Republican stronghold in Ohio, being one of the six counties to support Issue 2/Senate Bill 5 last year and known as a location where anyone with a pulse and an (R) next to their name can win an election, but this move by Kasich is sure to keep voters away as it will absolutely block the parking lot and impede access to Delaware County voting center at the end of the ONLY SUNDAY of Ohio’s early voting window.

And what Democrat will even dare to approach this crowded parking lot filled with Mitt Romney supporters invited by Governor Kasich?  This rally has the scent of voter intimidation all over it.

Here is a satellite view of the voting center (click the image to enlarge the image):

If you’ve been in this area or even voted at this location (as I have), you know that the two lane entrance from Orange Road is extremely narrow and presents a challenge even when the site is not busy.  Kasich’s scheduled rally falls right in the middle of the only Sunday hours for early voting this year.  It would be one thing if Kasich was promoting early voting or the overall importance of voting in general, but as you can see from the notice below, this is clearly a partisan Republican rally promoting Mitt Romney that has been intentionally scheduled at the sole early voting center for all of Delaware County.

At any rate, this sounds like a party worth attending, especially if you are a Delaware County Democrat looking to vote this Sunday while the center is open (1:00 – 5:00 pm).  Stop by, vote for Barack Obama, Sherrod Brown, David Hogan (State Rep), YES on ISSUE 2, and all of the other down ticket races in Delaware County.

And while you’re there, see if you can’t get your picture taken with Kasich, Portman and all of the other Tea Party crazies sure to be in attendance.  We’d love for you to share those precious moments with us on our Facebook page.  🙂

  • Doctor Claw

    Kasich and Portman… gone in 2014 and 2016, hopefully.

  • Anastasia P

    Will The Empty Suit be there?

  • You know if I lived in that area and knew this was happening you could NOT keep this Democrat from voting on THATday just to PROVE a point. This teacher is an elephant and I DO NOT forget what the Republicans with their King Kasick did to us not that long ago and are trying to continue!

  • I am really concerned about our choices, how can we decide to vote for Anyone? I understand people are trying to stay true to their party but we all Americans. Please don’t vote through hate, but the facts. Do you really want to get all your facts about Romney from people that hate him? Most of my family is military so I hear what the media does not want to tell me, the media that I thought had my best interest in mind. This has turned into a contest on if the elephant or donkey will win, not whats best for country. We are the best, the most powerful, the brave, and the envy of the world. There is a reason we are all those things, we are different than any other country, I have done much, much, research on who wants to keep us that way….sorry to say it is not the president. This country has a burden to lead the free world and I know the president as well as most of us would sometimes like to step down from that calling but keep in mind if we give up that title than someone will pick up the torch…the new leader could be terrifying. I urge and beg all to do their homework, do not vote this election on affiliation of party, this time it is much more serious.

  • John

    In Ohio, one must be beyond 100 feet from the door. At the Delaware County early voting location, 100′ just happens to be at the edge of the parking lot. (If you look at the photo, the voting entrence door is between the two buildings, so the door is set back from the parking lot.) Voting has been very brisk — on Saturday afternoon I heard the wait was over one hour. The main portion of the lot was parked up. The worst part is turning out onto Orange Road from the parking lot. Hopefully, the Delaware County Sheriff will have someone there to direct traffic.

    The Delaware County Democratic Party has been handing out Democratic sample ballots (at the edge of the parking lot) for the past week, and we will be there Sunday & Monday — Kasich or no Kasich.

  • missskeptic

    Try the entrance from Rt. 23 – there’s a left turn lane if you’re coming from the north and the entrance is just past the pond if you’re coming from the south. There is also parking in the front, although you would have to walk around the back of the building. Seriously, what’s the point of driving the bus to DelCo – talk about overkill! The absolute ONLY reason is to make sure that Democratic voters feel uncomfortable and hope they will start a fight. SO DON’T START A FIGHT!!! Remember how we felt on the Wed. morning after the 2004 election, knowing that we would be under the thumb of George Bush for 4 more years – I know that I personally cried for several days after – that is how these people will feel next Wed. Keep that thought.

  • This country does have the responsibility of leading the free world, and if gullible people vote for Myth Romney to pick up the torch, that WOULD be terrifying.

  • missskeptic

    Just heard – the sheriff of DelCo has been notified of this rally. Keep a clear head and don’t stoop to their level if shouting escalates. Dems will be present for moral support. Keep your line moving. And remember, they’re not just impeding Democratic voters – they’re also impeding Republican voters.

  • Fairminden

    I agree with you that people should research candidates. This involves delving into a person’s positions and comments from the past to the present. In the case of Mr. Romney, by doing this you will see a pattern of flip-flopping on major issues such as health care, abortion/contraception, taxes,to name a few. He has changed positions so much it is impossible to ascertain his true views and how he will govern. This alone is enough to NOT vote for him.
    I am a registered Independent and have been for 38 yrs even when it was not popular to be an Independent. I am liberal on social and environmental issues and more conservative on fiscal policy. My father was a Republican and active in the party in Warren, Oh during the 70’s. The party he belonged to is not the party of today. I will save my comments on this for another time. Despite his loyalty to his party he stressed to my sister’s and I to always read all points of view. This is the cornerstone of democracy where ALL voices are heard. Today media comprises TV, radio, newspapers ,magazines,blogs,etc etc, online and off. Despite the propensity for airwaves to be filled with the opinions of those who have the money to purchase airtime and major stations to be more entertainment oriented ;broadcasting sound bites meant to sensationalize and grab attention; it is very easy via the internet to read opinions from all points of view. My favorite writers are David Brooks, Thomas Frank, Thomas Friedman, and David Frumm. Mr. Frank is a liberal Native American political historian for those who don’t know him. My favorite book of his is ONE MARKET UNDER GOD. I also am a big fan of TED TALKS and last but not least PLUNDERBUND! One can fact check easily as well. It just takes a little extra time.
    With all due respect Katie to you and your military family members; I think you need to broaden your horizons and hear other voices.

  • What a disgusting politician Kasick turns out to be. If I were a voter, I would purposefully go to that polling place and vote. How awful to think that Americans are reverting to primitive vote suppression measures because they fear they cannot win by voting fair and square.

  • I just drove by there 15 minutes before polls opened and there was already an L shaped line from the entrance into the second row of cars and out toward the parking lot entrance.

    Polls are open until 5pm. The rally is due to start at 4pm. No sign of anything just before 1pm though.

  • I have tried to listen to all sides, and everytime I hear of the flip flopping it ends up being sound bytes that leave out important parts of the statement. Just like the new quote from Obama about revenge, totally being used as a weapon. I can’t stand what is unfolding right before my eyes, people actually have hatred for each other. due to their party affiliation.!.! This is under Obamas watch I can’t help but point the finger at him. I watched all the debates and saw the look on his face when he lied right to the american people, it was chilling. As a christian Romney may not be my first choice but as an American he has a track record that proves his ability to get us back on track. I know you will say Romney lied as well but I have compared the untruths and Obamas are a threat to America

  • Greg

    regardless of the laws requiring set backs from a polling place for individual people to campaign, a major rally anywhere in the vicinity will clog traffic and impede the ability for people to vote. Regardless of whether they are within the technical constraints of the law, they are knowingly making it difficult for people to vote….which is one of the worst crimes an elected official can make. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • That if a very one sided comment, how about Patrick Moran caught giving advice on how to cast a fraudulent vote, or in North Carolina how votes are electronically being switched to Obama, our right here in Ohio they found two-hundred fraudulent ballots some with Adolph Hitler, all voting for Obama, or the Nevada women just arrested for tring to vote for Obama twice, our the 18 counties in Florida that republican voters received letters trying to dissuade them from voting. Don’t even mention ACORN from 2008. It needs to stop on both sides this is America it sickens me to see that one of our greatest rights are being threatened by fellow Americans, this fighting w/ each other has to stop and we need to become one nation united once again.

  • Gullible? What FACTS do you know about Romney that makes him scarier than Iraq or Iran grabbing the torch? For that matter what makes Obama the right man for the job? I like Obama and if anyone that has listened to his interviews says different than they are very close minded, the man is almost impossible not to like but why does that make him a good leader?

  • What sickens me is that many of our rights are being threatened by extreme politicians like John Kasich- fellow Americans who have been involved with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC.) Our country cannot “become one nation united once again” until we vote out all of the legislators who put corporate special interests ahead of the needs of the American people.

  • Agreed, democrats and republicans. However its our job to weed out those that bring divide to the people. I will vote for the one that is most qualified for what America needs the most, either it be democrate or republican. I share your frustration and anger on ‘leaders’ (if you can call them that) abusing the system to promote their own selfish agendas. I’m not trying to say who is right or wrong as far as party affiliation I just want us to put American people first and not let the politicians pull the strings, its our country not theirs!

  • Fairminded


    The fact that Romney initiated a health care plan in Mass. as governor which the Affordable Care Act is based on and now repudiates his own work is not a sound byte.
    Neither is his statement on his own campaign website that
    he plans to cut Title X family planning funding which George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon were the architects of.An example of how the Republican party has changed. Again not a sound byte from the news media; his own words on his website. I could go on and on. You have
    made up your mind and are entitled to your views. I feel
    you are only seeing what you want to see.

  • One more point I would like to make, an ad came out from the vets for america and it is signed by over 500 generals and commanders endorsing Romney. In addition active military favors Romney 2 to 1. (active going against the commander?) My issue is they are saving our lives protecting us from terrorist and I feel the least we can do is protect them from the government. There is also new footage out/leaked from the Lybia attack, I’m interested in seeing your point of view on that.

  • Tom

    As a Republican who lived in downtown Chicago for 10 years, I know what it’s like to be out numbered by the opposing party. It never stopped me from trolling through all the signs and people standing outside the doors, urging me to vote for people I did not agree with .

    Stop your whining and just vote.

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