We are all invited to a rally in support of Mitt Romney on Sunday at 4:00 pm in the small parking lot of the early voting center in Delaware County, courtesy of Governor John Kasich and Senator Rob Portman.

Delaware County is certainly a Republican stronghold in Ohio, being one of the six counties to support Issue 2/Senate Bill 5 last year and known as a location where anyone with a pulse and an (R) next to their name can win an election, but this move by Kasich is sure to keep voters away as it will absolutely block the parking lot and impede access to Delaware County voting center at the end of the ONLY SUNDAY of Ohio’s early voting window.

And what Democrat will even dare to approach this crowded parking lot filled with Mitt Romney supporters invited by Governor Kasich?  This rally has the scent of voter intimidation all over it.

Here is a satellite view of the voting center (click the image to enlarge the image):

If you’ve been in this area or even voted at this location (as I have), you know that the two lane entrance from Orange Road is extremely narrow and presents a challenge even when the site is not busy.  Kasich’s scheduled rally falls right in the middle of the only Sunday hours for early voting this year.  It would be one thing if Kasich was promoting early voting or the overall importance of voting in general, but as you can see from the notice below, this is clearly a partisan Republican rally promoting Mitt Romney that has been intentionally scheduled at the sole early voting center for all of Delaware County.

At any rate, this sounds like a party worth attending, especially if you are a Delaware County Democrat looking to vote this Sunday while the center is open (1:00 – 5:00 pm).  Stop by, vote for Barack Obama, Sherrod Brown, David Hogan (State Rep), YES on ISSUE 2, and all of the other down ticket races in Delaware County.

And while you’re there, see if you can’t get your picture taken with Kasich, Portman and all of the other Tea Party crazies sure to be in attendance.  We’d love for you to share those precious moments with us on our Facebook page.  🙂