An email sent to Romney supporters in Ohio yesterday claims “Mitt currently leads Barack Obama 52% to 45% among voters who have already cast their ballots”.

Like much of the information coming from the Romney camp these days, we can find no way of interpreting these numbers that even comes close to making them appear true in battleground Ohio.

According to the latest poll by PPP  in Ohio: “33% of voters say they’ve already cast their ballots and [Obama] leads 62-35 with them.”   Other public polling shows similar results.

While Republicans might be doing slightly better nationally in early voting (a readers points to a recent Gallup poll) – this is completely irrelevant to  Ohio voters – the ones who appear to be matter most in this election.

Speaking on background, an Obama campaign staffer told us that voters in Democratic counties are voting at higher rates and outnumber voters in Republican counties and Democrats are doing a better job getting non-midterm, low propensity voters to the polls.

Romney’s numbers appear to be sourced from the same magical internal polling that Governor Kasich referenced earlier this week when claimed Romney would absolutely win in Ohio.


  • It would appear your reading comprehension is on an 8th grade level. Both Gallup and Pew show Romney leading in early voting nationwide. This memo is not reporting about Ohio, it refers to nationwide voting … Your local community college likely offers some remedial reading courses that might help you.

  • Romney and Kasich are laying the grounds for building their case as they steal the election.

  • namvetted68

    If my experience is any indication, the vast majority of those standing in line with me yesterday held Democratic voter guides. It took about one hour to get through to the voting booth and the line to get in was even longer when I left. Those still in line were also overwhelmingly pro-dem. I have never seen the enthusiasm among voters in my city any higher.

  • rhetorical

    It might be bigger news to point out the NRCC and NRSC are paying for this as part of the “Romney Victory” fund. We know all about SuperPACs and how they can’t coordinate with campaigns. Regular PACs still can, and are (or so it seems).

  • wetsu

    A Republican talking education!? That’s rich.

  • Marine Machine

    Yes,Romney is winning you fool.Nice propaganda spin to try to get your liar candidiate back in office.Obama needs to pack his bags and hit the road.America is firing him in 4 days!!

  • Now the reading level has dropped even further.

  • i received this email too. I live in Florida. The information here is off and there is much better journalism and content in middle school newspapers.

  • I can see tis is another liberal Media outlet.

  • Pete Myer

    This kind of activity makes me extremely nervous- a backdrop to try and pull another 2004 Blackwell-induced “surprise”. Living in Perry County, I saw 1st hand many illegal votes and other outrageous behavior that the assigned Judge blew off as ‘minor administrative errors’, even though they were listed as 4th degree felonies. The Supreme Court of Ohio refused, in an unsigned opinion, to apply the black and white law, and order a new election, at least as it applied to one local race, which resulted in former Speaker Householder pulling off a 6 vote “win”- this after Blackwell had previously “certified” THREE results. Be aware, get watchers to the polls, and don’t accept another fraudulent election. Unfortunately, it looks like Husted is willing to lie down in the Blackwell muck.

  • Could it be that Mitt has found something he can’t buy.

  • Rafer Johnson

    Most people who live in the ghetto vote democrat. Had you been successful like me, you would be surrounded by overwhelming Republican support like I was when I voted. Sorry you’re a loser.

  • Rafer Johnson

    That’s ’cause we’re rich. Sorry that you’re a loser.

  • namvetted68

    Thanks for sharing your racism. And thanks too for the update on your voting experience. It’s heartening to know you could vote given that someone with your limited mental ability usually can barely read at his grade level or tie his shoes before getting on the short bus.

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