One of the best things we’ve done this cycle is make it easy for readers to reach us via our new contact form.  We’ve been blown away by the quantity and quality of the feedback and tips we’ve received since setting this up.  Joseph will tell you it’s fueled several stories.  It’s been amazing.  We have a very diverse, smart, and active reader community here at PB and for that we are extremely grateful.  We always love hearing from you so keep it up!

We recently received something I thought worthy of sharing:


I live in Ottawa County. I voted mainly for Republicans in the past, all the way to John McCain. I wanted to share with you why I plan to vote for President Obama, Sherrod Brown, Marcy Kaptur, et al in this election. I think it would help you sway independent voters that leaned right in the past (like me).

I’m a white male about to turn 40 years old. I have a good job where I do technical work and research. In 2010, I wanted to put together a stronger argument why the Democrats were ruining the economy. I thought since we were in the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, I could research the Great Depression and find things to discredit the Democrats.

I steer my life based on facts. There are 4 things I found while researching:

– The republicans controlled the Presidency, House and Senate from 1922 – 1931.
– While in total control of government, they passed massive tax cuts on personal income and capital gains.
– After 7 years of complete Republican control and 4 years of low taxes, the stock market crashed in 1929, unemployment soared in 1930 and the Great Depression began.
– The personal income, corporate and capital gains tax rates during the, “Golden Age of Capitalism” (approximately 1945-1975) were all much higher than they are now.

Those four points create a cause and effect scenario that debunks the Republican argument that, “We need to lower taxes to help the economy.” Looking at history, the opposite is true. Ben Stein even pointed it out on Fox News. They can not refute it, because it’s history. There are no explanations of economics involved, just a timeline similar to the one found at

It is also supporting evidence that the Republicans are worse at managing the US economy than the Democrats. They now have two economic disasters on their record. The Romney plan calls for tax cuts on corporations to 25%. Paul Ryan proposed to Congress earlier this year that we should cut personal income for the wealthiest Americans to 25%. This is the exact same rate the wealthy were paying from 1925 – 1931.

My question for the Democratic party is, “Why doesn’t anyone explain this to the US?” Most people take the ‘lower taxes are better for the economy’ as a basic fact of life. It’s closer to a bold face lie. Not only would the Democrats educate voters and come off as the smarter, wiser party, they would expose the Republicans as liars running from their past.

– Jeff