I admit my headline is shocking and dramatic. I made it that way for a reason. We as a nation have to face the reality that if Mitt Romney becomes President and follows through on what he has said he will do, people will die as a result. Real people. If Crystal has a recurrence of cancer, she could be one of those people.

Yesterday I got a message on my public Facebook Page from someone who follows what I post there. Her name is Crystal and she wanted to share a letter her husband had written. She asked for my help to have as many people as possible read it before the election. She said in her message, “I feel as if my life depends on it.”

Here is the letter from her husband…


Don’t let your neighbors die over a Lie.


Each and every election is driven by serious issues and a vision for the future. However this one could be a matter of life and death for my family as well as millions of other Americans with pre-existing medical conditions.

On one hand we have President Obama, who protected all Americans from the predatory practices of the health insurance industry and ensured that people with pre-existing conditions couldn’t be denied health insurance and thus access to critical health care. On the other we have Mitt Romney and his party whose main goal is to repeal all the protections afforded to decent hard working Americans by the Obamacare law.

My wife Crystal has just finished her treatment for cancer and is considered in remission.

I can’t imagine how we would have been able to pay for her cancer treatment if we didn’t have health insurance. I am currently running my own business and pay my insurance premium each month but being able to keep health insurance is never a given. My greatest fear is that I won’t be able to provide health care for my family. If our insurance was to lapse and Romney gets his way and repeals those critical protections, then we would have a serious problem getting health insurance again. Depending on where we lived, cancer treatment could be denied anywhere from 6 months to forever. Waiting even 6 months to be able to afford to monitor and then treat a recurrence of cancer is a death sentence.

Waiting, watching as it spreads across your body because Romney and the Republican Party would rather have insurance companies control your health care instead of you and your Doctors. Knowing you’re actually dying for a lie… The Republicans claim it costs too much money to be humane when in actuality repealing Obamacare will cost us 109 Billion dollars according to the Congressional Budget Office’s letter to Speaker Boehner on July 24th, 2012.

I just want to be able to keep buying my insurance. I’m not asking for a handout, not asking for someone to take care of me and my family, that’s my job. I’m asking for protection from an industry that demands profits over the wellbeing of its customers.

I’ve got three children, the youngest a 7-month-old son and when we found out about her cancer, I thought to myself


‘She’ll die and he won’t know his mother.’


Luckily we’ve beaten it for now. Please help me ensure that those thoughts don’t ever come true. Please help me ensure that my son won’t lose his mother because Romney repeals her access to medical care. This election is about life and death. Which side are you on? I’m not asking you to vote for Obama, just don’t vote against us!!!


Thank you,

John R. Bull,

Former Independent Mayor Village of Coxsackie New York


In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, Mitt Romney claimed that people in America don’t die due to lack of health insurance: But 26,000 people die each year because they lack access to health care, according to Families USA.

Mitt Romney is dangerously out of touch with the reality our neighbors face. He is out of touch and unfit to be President. Please do your part in the next 5 days to protect people like Crystal and the children who depend on them.

Message shared by Lauren Michelle Kinsey

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  • What’s at stake you tell me?

  • Having a sociopath/psychopath like Romney as president with a psychopathic liar as VP.

  • danngoingdown

    disgusting. you guys should be ashamed of yourselves

    if conservatives did something along this line of argument with abortion, like “don’t let obama kill this baby” you would howling about it for days

    pretty sick people

  • An abortion doesn’t kill a baby. It terminates the development of a fertilized eggs or a fetus, which is part of a woman’s body. If a woman gives birth, then a baby is created, because in order
    for a baby to exist there has to be a separate person. In order for there to be a person, there has to be an individual. Before birth there is only a woman and all the parts of her body (fetus included) after birth there is a woman and a baby. Criminalizing abortion and restricting access to abortion is murder because it kills real live human beings – women who die from unsafe abortions. With access to birth control, sex education and financial opportunity women
    have less need for abortions, so if you are opposed to abortions you should support those things.

    Restricting people’s access to healthcare kills them. You’re not being an alarmist when you pull the alarm because there is a real danger. You’re being an alarmist when you pull the alarm when there is no real danger, as in “Obama kills babies.”

  • The
    problem is THE TRUTH HURTS

    reality is its real.. its my story.. what is discusting about telling the

    What is
    truly disgusting is 45,000 innocent Americans die every year… not 4 not 3,000
    45,000 innocent Americans die every year because they lack simple access to
    healthcare and preventive screenings… AMERICANS DEAD.. (Harvard 2009 study)

    WE are
    the wealthiest nation in the world. I
    ask you is this American Exceptionalism?

    You tell me what it’s like to
    have cancer and 3 kids and then have a guy run for president that says I don’t
    deserve legal protection for access to healthcare… they don’t hand out chemo
    in the ER ya know.

    Folks, problem with republicans is they LOVE to lie about YOUR position but they
    HATE when we tell the TRUTH about theirs.

    Abortion please… I am prolife

    Is Obama MAKING woman pregnant and MAKING them go get abortions.. give me a
    break … go sell your crazy somewhere else.. we are capable of thinking on our

    We are not the droids you are
    looking for… they live in red states.

    Get the crazy out of the GOP… even my elderly lifelong republican mother in law
    people who think it is OK for 45,000 innocent Americans to die over lack of healthcare … THAT MY FRIEND IS SICK AND TWISTED
    said if Romney is elected she may move to Canada… LIFE LONG REPUBLICAN

  • Well said, Crystal!

  • Dr Bill

    This is simply put trying to guilt people into voting for Obama. I don’t know these people but I’ve seen enough of them around to pretty much tell you there are about as honest and truthful about things as they claim Romney is. Mr Bull, the “independent” Mayor as it were was actually a one term Democrat Mayor in some small obscure town in NY



    He Also created and is responsible for the page “You might have Romnesia if.” which is all about bashing Romney. This election has turned into one of the most nasty elections ever, and the Bull’s are doing their part to make sure it stays that way…

    These people only care about getting Obama elected and from what I’ve seen around Facebook, will pretty much resort to anything to accomplish it.

  • People SHOULD feel guilty if they vote for Romney. People will be harmed by Romney’s policies if he’s elected. Everything in John and Crystal’s story is what real people in America deal with because the GOP supports the Insurance Industry running over the American people. The “you might have Romnesia if” meme is an accurate depiction of how much Mitt Romney flip flops. What is nasty is the reality of Mitt Romney’s lying, and the disastrous policies he supports. It’s not nasty to call him out on it. The reason John and Crystal care about making sure that Obama wins this election is because they know that his policies are better for the American people. And just because someone served as a Democratic Mayor doesn’t mean that they can’t now identify as an Independent. People change party affiliation all the time, and if you’re a Republican I hope you’ll consider changing also.

  • If I just wanted an “emotional tugger” I would have told the story of how we lost infant our daughter Alex while we put OURSELVES thru college and had no private insurance… and how being student made it difficult to quality for insurance for the poor and the loophole being a full time student created.. and how my daughter and our prenatal care slipped thru the cracks. That I since have been an advocate (my husband as well) for the March of Dimes for over a decade… because of what we learned in that loss.
    I could remind Mr Bill … I mean Dr BIll (lol he is no dr)… that the March of Dimes advocates universal healthcare as well as the American Cancer Society.


    but I thought along with our more recent cancer stuggles it was too emotional… but now inspired by Dr Bill … here it is.
    Thank you for such a wonderful platform Mr Bill 🙂

  • he ran and won on a self funded 3rd party line

  • Mr. Bill…

    You’re right in the regard that I am very much I want Obama to win. You’re right that I’ve ridiculed Mitt Romney. You’re right that I am a registered Democrat. However your assertion that I’m simply a party guy is about as far off base as it gets. I ran for Mayor and for re-election as an independent on my own party line and without the support of the Democratic Party. My ‘backers’ were my wife and my family. We printed our own flyers with our laser printer. Once in office I stood against incredible political pressure and fought against
    the illegal firing of our police chief and even filed a lawsuit against my own Board of Trustees to attempt to protect HIS rights. I was attacked on both sides fo the aisle for standing for the law and for my beliefs that our government should follow the laws. It cost me my reelection. When it came time to appoint a member to a vacancy on the board, I selected someone we needed and water expert and he just happened to be a Republican (When I could have appointed a yes man and given myself a non-republican majority on the board) So I strongly reject your assertion that I’m simply a party loyalist.

    Regarding my view on the election. I am what I call a social conservative; I want government out of our personal lives, our medical decisions, our gun cabinets. I want protection against the big business interests that put greed over the well-being of our citizens. As I noted in my letter, this issue is one of the biggest in my decision to advocate during this election. I want a President that is skilled in foreign relations and will attempt to help the middle and
    lower classes that have been hurt so badly not just in the recession but over the long haul of the last 20 years. I see Obama as the best candidate to do these things.

    I am vehemently opposed to Mitt Romney and I ridicule him because quite frankly he is ridiculous. His platform flips and flops more than a fish out of water. He has open disdain for the middle and lower classes. His business record puts him right at the heart of what is wrong with Wall Street and the problems that have caused this recession. Everyone compares him to Bush…. He’s actually
    worse regarding the economy and more dangerous in foreign policy. It seems that almost every word out of the man’s mouth is a lie. Electing this man will be disastrous for this country.

    Issues matter to regular everyday people and many times they are emotional and heart wrenching. From our fear of my wife’s cancer and the health insurance debate to a homosexual spouse who has lived with their partner for years and years but doesn’t get any of the basic spousal rights afforded man and wife. It is unconscionable to be left out on medical visitation and decisions, health insurance, denied rights to the remains of the live built with their spouse of
    many years after death. The financial plight of each and every person whose job Mitt Romney and his ilk have destroyed and shipped off. The people of NY and NJ who right now would be wondering where federal assistance was when Mitt Romney
    would have gotten rid of FEMA.

    Issues matter, Facts matter, performance matters!!! You accuse me of making this a nasty campaign.. No Sir, the democrats are not the ones who call Obama a Muslim, hurling baseless birther accusations. How dare you point the nasty finger at me when the seething hatred for the President seeps out of every poor in the Republican Party. Conversely EVERY accusation I hurl at Your
    candidate… is factual. If he weren’t so ridiculous, he wouldn’t be open to such ridicule.

    I believe every word I wrote in my letter, I wrote it because we have real fears about a Romney Presidency and my wife’s health. It is a matter of life and death for many many Americans, I stand by my letter and my record and perhaps you should look into your own soul and find what is real and who the real party loyalist is.

    John R.Bull,

    Former Independent Mayor

    Registered Democrat

    Husband, Father, Firefighter, Architect

    Citizen of the United States of America

  • you go baby!

  • “these people” lol

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