Democratic State Reps Matt Lundy and Ron Gerberry have introduced a bill (HB 602) to stop Republican Legislators and Kasich appointees from implementing the Governor’s plan to lease the Ohio Turnpike.

The bill would:

eliminate all authority granted to the Director of Budget and Management and the Director of Transportation … pertaining to a purchase and sale agreement, lease, service agreement, franchise agreement, concession agreement, or other written agreement with respect to the operation or maintenance of the Ohio Turnpike, and to restore to the Ohio Turnpike Commission the full exercise of all powers granted to the Commission in the Revised Code.

State reps Hagan, R., Ramos, Okey, Yuko, Murray, Letson, Phillips, Milkovich, Fende, O’Brien, Antonio, Foley, Clyde and Fedor co-sponsored the bill.

Kasich has made no secret about his plans for effectively selling off the turnpike for generations in exchange for a big chunk of one-time money he can use for his own pet projects. ODOT recently invited representatives from the privatized Indiana Turnpike to give a presentation “praising” their leasing efforts, likely failing to mention that tolls have doubled and the company running the Turnpike is nearly bankrupt.

Initial findings from the KPMG study on the Ohio Turnpike reveal that Kasich’s plan will likely see tolls will go up, at least two maintenance facilities close and the lease (likely to foreign investors like the ones who run the Indiana Turnpike) could last up to 55 years.

  • exflorida teacher

    since 80/90 was built as part of the civil defense infrastructure build up during the cold war….has anyone gone back to the federal bills used to create the road and see if the privatization scheme violates any federal laws? “lets lease the road to the Chinese because we will get short term profit at the expense of the future” seems like something the enemies of America would want to happen. perhaps someone could tack a clause at the end of a sure fire bill to be signed that states where the investors cant be from?

  • Shadow Catcher

    Is a copy of the KPMG study available and if so where? One of the options was to be doing nothing if I remember correctly?


    If this doesn’t work LET’S PUT THIS THING ON THE STATE BALLOT.

    Send Mr.Kaisich another message.

  • Spitfiremk1

    If you are willing to spend a few minutes at the computer,
    there are three studies, which have been done concerning the “privatization” of
    public roads. These were all conducted
    by entities NOT commissioned by the Governor (who clearly wishes to turn a
    profit on the turnpike at the expense of Northern Ohio). These are scholarly
    studies which contain facts and figures and I am sure that they will prove more
    objective than the $4.5 + million token study that John Kasich and the
    legislature have commissioned (with our taxpayer money) to justify a sale or

    All of these three studies boil down to the basic conclusion
    that the ONLY time that it makes sense to “Privatize” a road is when you do not
    have a road, you do not have the money to build the road and when you need the
    road. In short, when the private
    operator does all the heavy lifting and the road could not be built otherwise.

    Of these three studies, the third is the most recent and the
    most graphic.

    It would be a sorry state of affairs for the citizens
    of Northern Ohio should they be subjected to the higher cost of tolls and no
    doubt the assured dilapidation of this valuable asset to our part of the
    state. All of the people who work for
    and on the toll road contribute their tax dollars and spend their wages in the
    local economy, they keep the road safe and clear in all types of weather and
    they do it 24-7. If we need an example
    of what privatization of the toll road really means we need look no farther
    than next door to Indiana – the money is nearly all spent, the road and service
    plazas are falling into disrepair, there are virtually no patrolmen on the road
    and the unmanned toll plazas are abysmal nightmares to motorists after dark and
    all the time tolls increase a minimum of 3% a year and will continue for the
    next 69 years AND that money is not going back to the taxpayers, it is going to
    Spain and Australia!

  • Spitfiremk1

    Sorry, John (the Weasel) Kasich doesn’t work that way. You know; “Trust me, I’m the Governor!”

  • DMoore

    What has this guy done that been a success? His JobsOhio boondoggle is falling apart, minus the auto bailout his job numbers are pitiful, his upport of the Cleveland Schools plan is astonishingly stupid, and he’s divided his own party. Why on earth would anyone believe that privatizing the Turnpike would be anything but a disaster. But this egomaniac HAS to show he’s in charge so he’s picking a fight with the entire political spectrum of Northern Ohio. Go ahead and lead with your chin, Johnny.

  • John W.

    Great post. Taking public resources and giving them to profiteers never works. The turn pike is owned by everyone, not some rich guy who has enough money to buy it.

  • John W.

    Good points, although turning it over to anybody would be a bad idea, in my opinion.

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