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On Meet the Press this morning John Kasich announced: “I believe right now we are currently ahead. Internals show us currently ahead. I honestly think that Romney is going to carry Ohio.”

According to Kasich, Romney’s internal polling shows him winning. Which is interesting since Rob Portman, who helped prepare Romney for his debates and who spends much more time with Romney than Kasich, admitted just two days ago “internal Romney polling shows the state is a dead heat.”

According to Real Clear Politics, ten polls have been conducted over the past ten days and not one of them […]

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Ohio’s legislators’ misguided belief in their infinite wisdom of education reform continues to be exposed as Senate Bill 316 — their most recent attempt at demonstrating their knowledge of schools — has become law.  The latest display of their ignorance of the education system can be found in the requirements that exist as a part of the “Third Grade Reading Guarantee.”

The “guarantee” is detailed in Ohio Revised Code 3313.608 and has been explained as a way to ensure that all students are proficient readers before moving on to the 4th grade.  A key component of the new […]

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In my ongoing effort to ensure no Plunderbund reader makes it through the next nine days without doing something to help a campaign, today we have another great project that could use your help.

On election day, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law – the authoritative source of voting rights research in the U.S. – and Common Cause are teaming up on an important research project. They will be conducting an exit poll in several battleground states to look at the effect of restrictive voting laws and other obstacles voters may experience in voting.


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A new anti-Sherrod Brown campaign started on Twitter yesterday using dozens of fake Twitter accounts to promote a cheesy video produced by ForAmerica, Inc.

According to their website, ForAmerica is chaired by L. Brent Bozell III, the dirt bag responsible for, among other things, swift-boating war hero John Murtha.

The tweets, sent by what appear to be newly create Twitter accounts with only one or two Tweets, typically contain a phrase similar to “See the truth behind Sherrod Brown” and point to a cheesy web video rip off of the DIRECTV “Don’t” series of ads (e.g. “Don’t Sell Your Hair to a […]

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Did you know hundreds of illegal Muslim Somali immigrants are being bused to the polls by Franklin County Democrats who have a secret plan to reelect President Obama through the use of specially trained Somali interpreters and fake voter registrations?

Seriously.  It must be true.  Some anonymous Republican tipster told Sarah Marie Brenner – Powell City Councilwoman, wife of State Rep Andy Brenner and author of the over-the-top, Right Wing blog Brenner Brief – so why shouldn’t we believe it?

Brenner’s column, published yesterday at Human Events, presents no proof for any of her anonymous tips.  Instead, she spins a tale of potential […]

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On Thursday the Ohio Elections Commission heard a complaint from State Sen. Lou Gentile’s Republican opponent, Shane Thompson.

There’s nothing unusual about Ohio Elections Commission complaints – especially this close to Election Day. However, what was striking and perhaps unprecedented was that Shane Thompson HIMSELF was present yesterday at the OEC hearing.

Candidates simply don’t do this. They let the lawyers duke it out and present the case on their behalf. (After all, candidates should be busy meeting voters, right?) It leaves me wondering Why Shane Thompson was so defensive that he felt compelled to personally appear in Columbus yesterday?


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This afternoon I stopped by the Franklin County Early Voting Center to photograph the anti-gay and arguably-racist signs littering the lawn in front of the old Kohl’s Department Store on Morse Road in Columbus. (see pictures below)

My first thought, seeing the signs from a good two blocks away, was: what a really bad idea. Not because I was offended by the signs – which I was. But because the guy displaying them obviously doesn’t understand Franklin County.

Franklin County voters are moderates, especially on the Republican side. Just look at Party leadership to understand why these signs will not […]

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Early in his first term and until very recently, the Kasich Administration cited the massive corporate aid package it gave Diebold for its new world HQ as one of its crowning achievement.  To hear Governor Kasich tell it, Diebold was practically out the door on its way to North Carolina until his Administration fashioned a massive tax and other corporate aid package that would construct, at no reported costs to the company, a brand new corporate HQ campus.  And all the company had to do was promise not to terminate more than 20% of its Ohio workforce, and it […]

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The Danger of Willard Romney:  It’s not that he’s unprincipled, it’s that he’s sold out his principles to the highest bidder


By David DeWitt


President Barack Obama is correct: Willard Mitt Romney is a bullshitter.

In, “On Bullshit,” Princeton philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt explained the difference between a liar and a bullshitter. A liar, he noted, understands the truth and intentionally manipulates it for a designed effect. A bullshitter, on the other hand, Frankfurt surmised, is wholly unconcerned with the truth in any capacity.

Because a bullshitter is interested only in persuasion and advancing their personal […]

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Sharen Neuhardt‘s campaign has unearthed some interesting expenses on Congressman Mike Turner’s campaign finance reports.

According to a press release by Neuhardt, her opponent Mike Turner’s campaign “made a strange, unexplained $23,400 payment for accounting services to Kentner Sellers, a Vandalia, Ohio firm” and a “$115,200.89 payment to a Dayton litigation firm.”   Kentner Sellers is not the accounting firm the campaign had been using regularly for the past four years.  And the two payments were made within days of each other in 2006 – the same year as the big Bob Ney/Abramoff scandal.

Neuhardt campaign spokesman Michael McGovern explained it […]

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The GOP War on Pizza

On October 26, 2012 By

The GOP has fired the first shots in the War on Pizza.

The Ohio Republican Party filed a complaint with the Franklin County Board of Elections alleging that the Obama campaign violated state criminal laws when it offered pizza to those going to early vote.  The Republicans allege that the pizza is an illegal inducement to vote.

The Republicans are super serious about this – they even engaged in undercover operations.  Really.  It’s just like The Wire, only totally lame.  The Ohio GOP attached surveillance photographs and covert transcripts to the complaint. (We can only hope they came up […]

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