It’s got to be a tough balancing act a week out from a Presidential Election.  The Romney camp is desperate for votes in Ohio but also needs to strike the right tone relative to Frankenstorm Sandy.  Already reeling from his RNC keynote speaker heaping praise on President Obama’s actions during the storm, Romney was left with little choice but to keep plugging along.

Solution?  Change “Victory Rally” to “Storm Relief”!

Same venue.  Same guests.  Ask people to bring donations items that the Red Cross says they can’t even use in events like these.

The press badges still say “Victory Rally”.  The RNC campaign video is still playing, which will no doubt make those in affected areas feel much better – so long as they’re keeping up with campaign news from Ohio!

The web team is a bit slow on the uptake too.  They still list the event as a “Victory Rally“:

It’s hard out there for a Mitt.