According to a tweet from Ohio Public Radio’s Statehouse Bureau Chief Karen Kasler, a room full of Ohio Department of Transportation employees  were treated today to a presentation “praising” the lease of the Indiana turnpike.

The Indiana turnpike, you may remember, was recently leased for 75 years to a company whose owners are from Spain and Australia   They quickly proceeded to double the tolls for cars and trucks.  And the company running the turnpike is still having problems paying the bills.

Foreign investors reaping profits from Ohio drivers.  Tolls doubled.  Maintenance reduced.  That’s what we can expect from Kasich’s turnpike plan.




  • xx

    Don’t you mean Kasich is OUTSOURCING the turn pike?

  • Count on Kasich to do something that he obviously didnt seem to understand that a vast majority of ohioans opposed his idiotic plan on selling the turnpike. as He was told not to try to abolish collective bargaining but bet the farm on it and got humiliated for it when it was voted down. keeps showing me that a vast majority of repubs in office are nothing but sell outs, traitors, and moral cowards. i look forward to the day when all repubs are thrown out of the statehouse forever for betrayiing the public trust for a few bucks upfront damning long term consquences for giving everything away to private interests.

  • DMoore

    I can’t wait for this one. Johnny has been too much under the radar since the SB5/Issue 2 beatdown. There’s no way his ego can hybernate that long. He has to have his way on SOMETHING. And since union busting didn’t work, JobsOhio is a bust, and his jobs record is pitiful, he’s itching for a fight. Bring it, Johnny. The whole political spectrum across the Turnpike corridor is ready for another beatdown. Come get it.

  • Eugene

    Why don’t you and your republican friends , John Kasich get together and sell off all of Ohio’s resources, assets, close our public schools and force children into charter schools, tear up all union contracts, privitize Ohio’s parks, minerals, freeways and whatever else you believe is yours to do with however you want and show the people of Ohio and the rest of America what the conservative agenda is all about.

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