Ohio’s Capital City FOP Lodge #9 will start running full page ads in 22 local and suburban Franklin County papers telling readers to “NOT VOTE FOR” for three Republicans who supported Senate Bill 5, the anti-union legislation repealed by a landslide last November.

Mike Duffey (21st), Cheryl Grossman (23rd) and Anne Gonzales (19th) are specifically targeted in the ads.

In a recent ThisWeek Community News article, Duffey whined that he “was going to have to spend money and energy” defending himself against the “S.B. 5 vengeance platform.”  Poor Mike Duffey.  Maybe he should have considered the implications before he voted against our public safety workers?


“The men and women of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City 9 will never forget those politicians who turned their backs on us by voting for Senate Bill 5 last year,” said Jim Gilbert, President of Capital City Lodge #9. “The honorable work of the men and women of law enforcement, firefighters and public workers right now along our East Coast in rescue efforts should show politicians the importance of supporting public safety organizations that work hard to voice concerns of safety equipment and needed training.”

According to Gilbert, the FOP has established a large fund to “share with the public” information about candidates and elected officials who didn’t support the rights of law enforcement to bargain for safety equipment and working conditions during the SB-5 battle, and any politician who continues to work against those rights.