From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michelle Rhee is the national education reformer most well-known for her cross-country tour promoting the anti-public education film “Waiting for Superman”, including an appearance at a screening with Ohio’s own John Kasich.  Prior to that, Rhee spent a couple of years at the head of the D.C. Public Schools, a couple of years promoting Teach for America, and she even spent a few years as a classroom teacher (TFA corps member).

These days, Rhee is the head of StudentsFirst, a non-profit organization that purports to promote public schools, but in truth only serves to promote charter schools, parent choice, and […]

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Ohio’s Capital City FOP Lodge #9 will start running full page ads in 22 local and suburban Franklin County papers telling readers to “NOT VOTE FOR” for three Republicans who supported Senate Bill 5, the anti-union legislation repealed by a landslide last November.

Mike Duffey (21st), Cheryl Grossman (23rd) and Anne Gonzales (19th) are specifically targeted in the ads.

In a recent ThisWeek Community News article, Duffey whined that he “was going to have to spend money and energy” defending himself against the “S.B. 5 vengeance platform.”  Poor Mike Duffey.  Maybe he should have considered the implications before he voted against our public safety workers?



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Last year, in the GOP primary debates, Mitt Romney was asked if he supported getting rid of FEMA and leaving responsibility for disaster response and recovery in the hands of individual states. Mitt agreed enthusiastically:

KING: What else, Governor Romney? You’ve been a chief executive of a state. I was just in Joplin, Missouri. I’ve been in Mississippi and Louisiana and Tennessee and other communities dealing with whether it’s the tornadoes, the flooding, and worse. FEMA is about to run out of money, and there are some people who say do it on a case-by-case basis and some people […]

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I was absolutely incredulous when I first heard the specifics of Mitt Romney’s (R – 1955) energy policy. In a nut shell, he pledges “North American” energy independence in just 8 years. How? Entirely via supply-side reforms of the fossil fuels industry. Note there is not a single mention of managing the demand side, even by way of something as simple and relatively unintrusive as improved CAFE standards. But with all of these shale oil and tar sands resources, surely we can drill our way to oil prosperity, right? I’m not so sure. (And I’m even going to ignore […]

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According to a tweet from Ohio Public Radio’s Statehouse Bureau Chief Karen Kasler, a room full of Ohio Department of Transportation employees  were treated today to a presentation “praising” the lease of the Indiana turnpike.

The Indiana turnpike, you may remember, was recently leased for 75 years to a company whose owners are from Spain and Australia   They quickly proceeded to double the tolls for cars and trucks.  And the company running the turnpike is still having problems paying the bills.

Foreign investors reaping profits from Ohio drivers.  Tolls doubled.  Maintenance reduced.  That’s what we can expect from Kasich’s turnpike plan.




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They lie.  And then they lie about their lies by defending them as truths.

So it is with the latest barrage of Romney TV ads in Ohio  accusing the President of bankrupting the auto industry and sending Jeeps to China.   If you measure a political ad by the number of lies in a single breath, Mitt’s forces have desperately reached for zero sky-is-falling  credibility this week in his attempt to swing Ohio to his column.

Is that what we might expect by the Supreme CEO who has doubtless read  Machiavelli while his tent-mate, Paul Ryan,  was absorbing Ayn Rand, […]

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It’s got to be a tough balancing act a week out from a Presidential Election.  The Romney camp is desperate for votes in Ohio but also needs to strike the right tone relative to Frankenstorm Sandy.  Already reeling from his RNC keynote speaker heaping praise on President Obama’s actions during the storm, Romney was left with little choice but to keep plugging along.

Solution?  Change “Victory Rally” to “Storm Relief”!

Same venue.  Same guests.  Ask people to bring donations items that the Red Cross says they can’t even use in events like these.

The press badges still say […]

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