On Meet the Press this morning John Kasich announced: “I believe right now we are currently ahead. Internals show us currently ahead. I honestly think that Romney is going to carry Ohio.”

According to Kasich, Romney’s internal polling shows him winning. Which is interesting since Rob Portman, who helped prepare Romney for his debates and who spends much more time with Romney than Kasich, admitted just two days ago “internal Romney polling shows the state is a dead heat.”

According to Real Clear Politics, ten polls have been conducted over the past ten days and not one of them shows Romney ahead. Three show it a tie, and seven show Obama leading by 1 to 5 points with the RCP average at +2.1 points for Obama.

So did Kasich lie about the internal polls that he supposedly saw? Not sure. But he definitely stretched the truth during the same interview with his auto industry comments, denying the impact in Ohio of the auto rescue and downplaying the importance of the auto industry in Ohio. It wouldn’t surprise me if he made up the polling numbers too.

It’s unclear if this polling actually exists, but if it does it doesn’t match any of the polls Portman has seen and it doesn’t match any of the other polls that have been released in the past two weeks.

Here are the latest numbers from RCP. Check out their site for updates.

Poll Obama (D) Romney (R) Spread
RCP Average 48.6 46.5 Obama +2.1
Gravis Marketing 50 49 Obama +1
PPP (D) 51 47 Obama +4
Purple Strategies 46 44 Obama +2
CNN/Opinion Research 50 46 Obama +4
ARG 49 47 Obama +2
Rasmussen Reports 48 48 Tie
Time 49 44 Obama +5
Cincinnati Enquirer/Ohio News 49 49 Tie
SurveyUSA 47 44 Obama +3
Suffolk 47 47 Tie