In my ongoing effort to ensure no Plunderbund reader makes it through the next nine days without doing something to help a campaign, today we have another great project that could use your help.

On election day, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law – the authoritative source of voting rights research in the U.S. – and Common Cause are teaming up on an important research project. They will be conducting an exit poll in several battleground states to look at the effect of restrictive voting laws and other obstacles voters may experience in voting.

Download a copy of the recruitment flyer for more information.

Volunteers are needed to approach voters leaving the polls and ask them to take a short survey about their voting experience. Shifts are 2 hours and available in locations around Ohio. You could even combine it with a shift of volunteer poll monitoring, which I blogged about earlier this week.

To participate, contact Common Cause in Ohio at 614.441.9145 or email