From the daily archives: Saturday, October 27, 2012

Did you know hundreds of illegal Muslim Somali immigrants are being bused to the polls by Franklin County Democrats who have a secret plan to reelect President Obama through the use of specially trained Somali interpreters and fake voter registrations?

Seriously.  It must be true.  Some anonymous Republican tipster told Sarah Marie Brenner – Powell City Councilwoman, wife of State Rep Andy Brenner and author of the over-the-top, Right Wing blog Brenner Brief – so why shouldn’t we believe it?

Brenner’s column, published yesterday at Human Events, presents no proof for any of her anonymous tips.  Instead, she spins a tale of potential […]

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On Thursday the Ohio Elections Commission heard a complaint from State Sen. Lou Gentile’s Republican opponent, Shane Thompson.

There’s nothing unusual about Ohio Elections Commission complaints – especially this close to Election Day. However, what was striking and perhaps unprecedented was that Shane Thompson HIMSELF was present yesterday at the OEC hearing.

Candidates simply don’t do this. They let the lawyers duke it out and present the case on their behalf. (After all, candidates should be busy meeting voters, right?) It leaves me wondering Why Shane Thompson was so defensive that he felt compelled to personally appear in Columbus yesterday?


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