You’ve likely seen the video of Mitt Romney singing (poorly) “America the Beautiful” – it was so amazingly bad that the Obama campaign used it in an ad.

You’d think Romney would have learned his lesson about this song.

You’d think that. But you’d be wrong.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you ANOTHER video of Romney and America the Beautiful from his rally in Defiance, Ohio yesterday. This one featuring Meatloaf!

I PROMISE: This one is even better. It’s like a really bad Chris Farley SNL sketch. Jump ahead to 1:10. You’ll get the Farley reference at about 1:25.

  • Clevelandchick

    No fair! Republicans get all the good musicians to campaign for them!
    – said no Democrat, ever.

  • What in sweet hell.

  • “Go ahead now brother!”

  • I don’t think he knew the words!!

  • buckeye15

    Wow! I will never be able to listen to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” in the same way again.

  • anne karima

    I have to agree with the sign on that one.

  • Betty Wooster

    Could Romney look any more uncomfortable?!? Mr. Relates To Average America just failed the parallel park move in his driving test.

  • 2:02 Meatloaf has a heart attack. WTF?

  • 1:48 It almost appears that Meatloaf thinks to himself “fuck this. i’m gonna make fun of these peeps.”

    Pretty much everything from then on looks to be parody. Wow. Just wow.

  • I don’t want to live on this planet any more…

  • Meatloaf is either wasted or just messing with Romney. Hard to believe they can get that many people to attend. What a joke.

  • Spitfiremk1

    I doubt that you will ever see a clip of Meatloaf on a campaign ad –even the GOP wouldn’t be that stupid (of course I could be wrong). Mittens looked like he just got a mouth full of mystery meat! Too bad they couldn’t get some country girl to sing: “Sometimes it ‘s hard to be a woman” while showing pictures of Murdock from Indiana and Akin from

    By the way, there aren’t that many people in Defiance County, not even if they counted their chickens, pigs and dogs.

    Message to Mitten: You get the schnitzel; we got Bruce Springsteen, WHO’S YOUR DADDY now!

  • The fanatical, brain-damaged Republican bozos DID it again–embarrass
    the USA in front of the world–no wonder the world votes for Obama, only
    Pakistan wants Lying Mitt to be POTUS!?

  • joe

    Why yes all you libs its really important that we have cool hip prez.

  • I’d love to think that this is just crappy cell phone recording, but somehow I doubt that the official campaign audio is going to uh… liberate that much strife.

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