Sharen Neuhardt‘s campaign has unearthed some interesting expenses on Congressman Mike Turner’s campaign finance reports.

According to a press release by Neuhardt, her opponent Mike Turner’s campaign “made a strange, unexplained $23,400 payment for accounting services to Kentner Sellers, a Vandalia, Ohio firm” and a “$115,200.89 payment to a Dayton litigation firm.”   Kentner Sellers is not the accounting firm the campaign had been using regularly for the past four years.  And the two payments were made within days of each other in 2006 – the same year as the big Bob Ney/Abramoff scandal.

Neuhardt campaign spokesman Michael McGovern explained it this way: “Look, you don’t spend this kind of money on defense lawyers unless you’re worried you’ve gotten yourself into some serious trouble.”

While turner didn’t spend as much as Bob Ney, whose $270,000 in legal services couldn’t keep him out of prison, he did spend twice as much as John Boehner who was in leadership and dealing with the Ney/Abramoff mess.

McGovern asks  “What legal or ethical issues was Mike Turner facing?”

You know what?  That’s a damn good question.