The Danger of Willard Romney:  It’s not that he’s unprincipled, it’s that he’s sold out his principles to the highest bidder


By David DeWitt


President Barack Obama is correct: Willard Mitt Romney is a bullshitter.

In, “On Bullshit,” Princeton philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt explained the difference between a liar and a bullshitter. A liar, he noted, understands the truth and intentionally manipulates it for a designed effect. A bullshitter, on the other hand, Frankfurt surmised, is wholly unconcerned with the truth in any capacity.

Because a bullshitter is interested only in persuasion and advancing their personal agenda, Frankfurt concluded, “bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are.”

W.M. Romney has sprung a dazzling display of bullshit throughout his five-year campaign. He’s waffled on almost every position on the American political map.

Astoundingly, though a short eight years ago a Democratic presidential nominee was undone by the common perception of his “whichever way the wind blows” political nature, Willard has not only campaigned in the spotlight for half a decade with this axiom, he’s paid very little for it.

But remember, just because Willard is willing to say anything does not mean that he doesn’t stand for anything. Unfortunately, he’s much more dangerous than that.

Willard M. Romney. Through all the bullshit, he is a spectacle to behold. To Wit:

This is a financial industry millionaire arguing for deregulation of a sector that eviscerated the world economy to the tune of $16 trillion and looted the rest through mass grift, scandal and swindle, crushing the American proletariat in the process.

This is a man who’s said he would be “delighted” to relieve women of their reproductive rights, and poor women from reproductive health care in any capacity.

This is a man who, when presented with the argument for equal rights for homosexuals to marry and form families, scoffed incredulously, “I didn’t know you had families.”

This is a man who’s repeatedly sold out American industry for short-end profits and callous personal gain. This is a man whose idea of primary care for poor people is emergency rooms.

This is a man who rails against the debt and yet boasts of being perfectly willing to throw the world economy into chaos again by passing drastic austerity measures thereby reducing revenues during a time of economic hardship and encumbering the country with another multi-trillion-dollar war in the Middle East over uranium enrichment “capacity.”

This is a millionaire who pays less taxes as a percentage of his income than a $30,000-per-year school teacher, and rails against greedy school teacher unions as not doing their part to share the burdens of the economic downfall.

This is a millionaire who rails against the debt and wants to put the burden of fixing it on the backs of the most vulnerable among us instead of taking it upon himself and others of hissocio-economic elite status.

The elite such as himself, Willard insists, need more tax relief and more money funneled their way, despite upping their share of the nation’s wealth four-fold over the last four decades while everyone else’s standard of living and income has stagnated or declined.

And what bone does Willard have to throw to working America? He insists he will create 12 million new jobs, seemingly out of thin air. Because every economist worth her weight says that the Romney “plan” numbers are about as fantastical as the boogeyman or Santa Claus, and around 12 million would be created regardless of who wins this election.

Willard M. Romney is a dangerous demagogue of the foulest order, an unscrupulous plutocrat who’s made a lifetime habit of pimping out his principles to the highest bidder. He’s admitted his disdain for half the populace and make no mistake: That Means You.

But the American appetite for snake oil and platitudes remains insatiable and old Willard is chalk-a-block full of those. This well-coiffured, sabre-rattling huckster is willing to say or do anything on his march toward his next self-perceived entitlement, namely, the Presidency of the United States of America.

And the stakes are enormous.

He’d chew your grandmothers shoulder off for 20 votes in this battleground and he’s done much worse already, behind closed doors (when he wasn’t being videotaped), out of sight and out of mind of the good-natured Midwestern folk he has to kowtow to… at least for now.

Because make no mistake, again, it’s not that Willard doesn’t stand for anything. Quite the opposite, in fact, he stands for the foulest designs of the plutocracy, with a social regressivism garnish.

But, natch, that’s not an electable premise to stand on. And a professional candidate like Willard knows one thing well, best summed up by Project Vote Smart founder Richard Kimball in a statement at the end of a debate while running for the U.S. Senate in 1986:

“Understand what we do to you; we spend all of our time raising money, often from strangers we do not even know,” he said. “Then we spend it in three specific ways: First we measure you, what it is you want to purchase in the political market place – just like Campbell’s soup or Kellogg’s cereal. Next we hire some consultants who know how to tailor our image to fit what will sell. Lastly, we bombard you with the meaningless, issueless, emotional nonsense that is always the result. And whichever one of us does that best will win.”

This is why Willard has been able to bullshit his way through five years on the campaign trail and end up in a statistical tie with the President weeks before Election Day.

He is able to openly contradict himself month-to-month and week-to-week because he knows if he hammers away at his market-tested selling points he will Always Be Closing.

Nevermind ideals such as truth or humanitarianism or social justice or civil rights, these aren’t matters in Willard’s realm of concern. They only even exist in his political lexicon as cards to be played for sound bites, when necessary.

Don’t get it twisted, Willard will have no problem heaving these good folk­—you and I—over the edge of the good ship America whenever it becomes expedient and self-serving. After all, that’s all he knows.


About the Author: A journalist, sportswriter, raconteur, bon vivant, enthusiast, freshwater mariner, registered universal minister and man of sports and leisure tucked away too far from Lake Erie in the foothills of Appalachian Ohio. Twitter: @TheRevDeWitt.