From the daily archives: Friday, October 26, 2012

This afternoon I stopped by the Franklin County Early Voting Center to photograph the anti-gay and arguably-racist signs littering the lawn in front of the old Kohl’s Department Store on Morse Road in Columbus. (see pictures below)

My first thought, seeing the signs from a good two blocks away, was: what a really bad idea. Not because I was offended by the signs – which I was. But because the guy displaying them obviously doesn’t understand Franklin County.

Franklin County voters are moderates, especially on the Republican side. Just look at Party leadership to understand why these signs will not […]

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Early in his first term and until very recently, the Kasich Administration cited the massive corporate aid package it gave Diebold for its new world HQ as one of its crowning achievement.  To hear Governor Kasich tell it, Diebold was practically out the door on its way to North Carolina until his Administration fashioned a massive tax and other corporate aid package that would construct, at no reported costs to the company, a brand new corporate HQ campus.  And all the company had to do was promise not to terminate more than 20% of its Ohio workforce, and it […]

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The Danger of Willard Romney:  It’s not that he’s unprincipled, it’s that he’s sold out his principles to the highest bidder


By David DeWitt


President Barack Obama is correct: Willard Mitt Romney is a bullshitter.

In, “On Bullshit,” Princeton philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt explained the difference between a liar and a bullshitter. A liar, he noted, understands the truth and intentionally manipulates it for a designed effect. A bullshitter, on the other hand, Frankfurt surmised, is wholly unconcerned with the truth in any capacity.

Because a bullshitter is interested only in persuasion and advancing their personal […]

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Sharen Neuhardt‘s campaign has unearthed some interesting expenses on Congressman Mike Turner’s campaign finance reports.

According to a press release by Neuhardt, her opponent Mike Turner’s campaign “made a strange, unexplained $23,400 payment for accounting services to Kentner Sellers, a Vandalia, Ohio firm” and a “$115,200.89 payment to a Dayton litigation firm.”   Kentner Sellers is not the accounting firm the campaign had been using regularly for the past four years.  And the two payments were made within days of each other in 2006 – the same year as the big Bob Ney/Abramoff scandal.

Neuhardt campaign spokesman Michael McGovern explained it […]

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The GOP War on Pizza

On October 26, 2012 By

The GOP has fired the first shots in the War on Pizza.

The Ohio Republican Party filed a complaint with the Franklin County Board of Elections alleging that the Obama campaign violated state criminal laws when it offered pizza to those going to early vote.  The Republicans allege that the pizza is an illegal inducement to vote.

The Republicans are super serious about this – they even engaged in undercover operations.  Really.  It’s just like The Wire, only totally lame.  The Ohio GOP attached surveillance photographs and covert transcripts to the complaint. (We can only hope they came up […]

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After he was elected, Governor Kasich said that the state’s teachers unions should take out a full page ad to apologize to him. He also told unions and other interest groups to “get on the bus” or he would run them over.

It didn’t take long. In the state budget, Kasich and the GOP-controlled legislature drained nearly $2 billion from public education, resulting in new levies and drastic cuts at schools across the state. The budget also accelerated the transfer of public money to private and for-profit charter schools and implanted the same controversial scheme to tie teacher pay to […]

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You’ve likely seen the video of Mitt Romney singing (poorly) “America the Beautiful” – it was so amazingly bad that the Obama campaign used it in an ad.

You’d think Romney would have learned his lesson about this song.

You’d think that. But you’d be wrong.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you ANOTHER video of Romney and America the Beautiful from his rally in Defiance, Ohio yesterday. This one featuring Meatloaf!

I PROMISE: This one is even better. It’s like a really bad Chris Farley SNL sketch. Jump ahead to 1:10. You’ll get the Farley reference at […]

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