We’re often asked how folks can support the site.  In fact, many of readers have openly asked for us to find a way that they can use their Dispatch subscription money to support us after having canceled.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way other than to buy a Plunderbund T Shirt.

We’ve now set up a way to kick us a one time donation (not tax deductible).  Call it a tip.  Whatever.  If you like what we do you can hit the donate tab and send us a few bucks.

We’re working to unveil a new subscription based service that will be pretty exciting for our more loyal readers.  This won’t mean any of our stuff is behind a paywall, but will include additional access not available to the casual reader.  Stay tuned there.

In the meantime, here are the ways in which you can support Plunderbund:

  1. Spread the word.  Please tell all your friends who may have interest to visit the site and sign up for the daily update.  Like us and share our Facebook content.  RT our Twitter stuff.
  2. Encourage advertisers.  Tell groups you are involved with and campaigns you follow to support the site directly by buying ad space.  This will also ensure you see the kinds of ads you (and we) would like to see on the site.
  3. Buy a T shirt or bumper sticker.  We’ll be making this a bit easier to do online soon as well, but buying a T shirt or bumper sticker is a great way to support us.  This not only supports us financially but also helps greatly to spread the word!
  4. Donate/Tip.  If you like what we’re doing and have done you can support us directly with your money.

Since evolving from a blog to a trusted news source in Ohio, we’ve transitioned from this being a hobby to it being a business.  We hope to grow it and eventually have staff – or at least interns – who are able to do an even better job of keeping up with political rumblings and news that matters to you our readers and supporters.

Again, we continue to be humbled and appreciative of your support.

We love you back.

– PlunderCrew