It’s been a tough year for Republicans trying to woo women voters.  Romney is down nearly 20 points with women in the latest Time poll of Ohio.  And the latest PPP poll shows Sherrod Brown with a solid 15 point lead over Josh Mandel with Ohio’s female voters.  The latest rape-related ridiculousness certainly isn’t helping.

It’s gotten so bad that Concerned Women for America (CWA),  a group that bills itself as “the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization”, has been forced into offering paid positions in Ohio at $15/hour just to get women to phone bank and canvas for their organization.

“Put your Red High Heels on and let’s go!,” reads the ad ( pictured below) offering women the opportunity, for a very fair wage, to help conduct “a one question survey”.  Positions involving “walking areas to encourage people to vote” also appear to be available, though it’s not clear if these are the same positions for which high heels are recommended.

Like Romney and Mandel, “CWA opposes gay rights, comprehensive sex education, drug and alcohol education, and feminism”, according to Right Wing Watch.

No wonder they need to pay women to be involved.


  • rhetorical

    I worked for a company that did phone canvassing for CWA. They ought to be considered a hate group. Those bigoted women use religion to justify their narrow minded prejudices while supporting patriarchal values. I’d encourage as many as possible to take these jobs and do them as poorly as possible. You’d be taking their money and denying a competent canvasser the opportunity to spread their disease.

  • anne karima

    Does the devil wear Prada or Jimmy Choo?

  • John W.

    I think the “red high heels” thing is a way to get attention. I think they’re trying to get attention, just like Anne Coulter’s hateful comments this week.

  • Good coverage! This should be a national story.

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