Today the Plain Dealer confirmed a rumor that’s been floating around for a few days:  Jim Renacci has cancelled all of this broadcast television ad spending through the election.

I have no clue what his strategists are thinking.  Even with the great early voting turnout in Ohio, this appears to give Betty Sutton a huge advantage in a race that has been nearly tied in the polls for months.

Earlier this year Renacci was forced to give back tainted donations from Benjamin Suarez and his employees, his largest group of contributors this cycle.

Haley Morris at the DCCC told us:  “It’s clear millionaire tax cheat Congressman Renacci doesn’t want to throw good money after bad. With just two weeks until election day, Congressman Renacci has given up defending his failed record gutting Medicare and shipping jobs overseas so he can concentrate on defending his tax evasion.”

It appears, as Sutton spokesperson Steve Fought put it,  “Renacci took his team off the field with two minutes left on the clock.”