Today the Plain Dealer confirmed a rumor that’s been floating around for a few days:  Jim Renacci has cancelled all of this broadcast television ad spending through the election.

I have no clue what his strategists are thinking.  Even with the great early voting turnout in Ohio, this appears to give Betty Sutton a huge advantage in a race that has been nearly tied in the polls for months.

Earlier this year Renacci was forced to give back tainted donations from Benjamin Suarez and his employees, his largest group of contributors this cycle.

Haley Morris at the DCCC told us:  “It’s clear millionaire tax cheat Congressman Renacci doesn’t want to throw good money after bad. With just two weeks until election day, Congressman Renacci has given up defending his failed record gutting Medicare and shipping jobs overseas so he can concentrate on defending his tax evasion.”

It appears, as Sutton spokesperson Steve Fought put it,  “Renacci took his team off the field with two minutes left on the clock.”

  • James

    If this is true, I think the early voting in all the urban areas is going big for BO as well- even better than 4 years ago. Is Mittens toast too?…Jim, Columbus

  • Jim

    My personal guess: Renacci may have decided that the flood of anti-Sutton ads by outside groups is more than enough to enable him to win. Why throw his own money into the swamp, if the big money guys are willing to do it, without him spending a dime? Plus, I’m not sure if I believe the “advertising pull-out” story. I just saw a Renacci ad on TV during the morning news on Channel 3 (the one where he’s looking at the camera and says that he doesn’t hate puppies or grandmothers, and neither does Betty Sutton). I hope he doesn’t lull the Sutton campaign to fall asleep based on this tripe.

  • wetsu


    The presidential race notwithstanding, I am at least as concerned with getting as much Kasich (read republican) sludge cleaned out of this state ASAP. Perhaps there are large numbers of people who have not forgotten the bill of goods those knuckleheads have been selling us.

  • kitten

    That’s because of who now owns the voting machines in Ohio. Tagg Romney. I don’t think any voter in Ohio has any chance of having their votes count really. It’s already been decided or I should say it’s already been bought.

  • Maybe the Republicans have figured some other vile use for the candidate.

  • Let’s face it … it was “bought” after the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United. Throw in all the voter purging, disenfranchising, voter ID requirements (poll tax), and the problems that will surface at places of voting with the long lines, shortage of ballots, broken voting machines, closed poling places (oops!). Then you add in the “lies in advertising”, the racism, Joh Husted and his NUMEROUS taxpayer-paid lawsuits to prevent fair early voting for Democrats as well as Republicans. I think we know how it’s going to go … and we’ll have another presidency handed to the Republicans by the SCOTUS. After all, isn’t that why they threw us a “bone” with the Obama Health care decision? Because they know it will be reversed if they get a Republican in the White House? It was no skin off their backs to give that ruling. It’s all political maneuvers.

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